'Mad Men' Star Christina Hendricks' $24,000 Handbag (YAY OR NAY)

Christina Hendricks shows off her newest asset
Christina Hendricks Handbag

Forget Hermes, forget Chanel and forget Gucci, when you are a style maven on a hit show like Christina Hendricks, there is only one way to stand out -- drop some serious cash.

The curvaceous Mad Men stunner was spotted out on Monday afternoon carrying a one-of-a-kind Farbod Barsum handbag.

This is one serious bag with the "Isabella" tote, costing a whopping $23,980.

So what do you get for almost $24,000?

The 37-year-old is known for her own ample assets but her new bag is certainly a commodity in itself.

Industry insiders revealed to Celebuzz that the AMC star picked out the handcrafted silver and black alligator bag on her own.

While the jury is still out if Hendricks had to pay retail the bag, it certainly makes an impression.

Project Runway host Heidi Klum has also slipped the designer's luxury bags over her arm.

Celebs are known for spending big when it comes to bags -- often causing some serious controversy.

Clint Eastwood’s teenaged daughter Francesca found herself in the center of a public outcry, and even getting death threats, after her boyfriend photographer Tyler Shields gave her a $100,000 Hermes Birkin bag.

The photographer then got his 19-year-old girlfriend to take a chainsaw to the crocodile bag before setting it on fire for a photograph.

The stunt was shown as part of Eastwood’s reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company.

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  • chicken

    Who cares how she spends her money. It's her damn money.

  • lisa@otherotherr.com

    what it looks like, is irrelevant that is an obscene amount of money to eciallyspend on a the functional quivalent of a paper or canvas bag - that kind of e - in this eciallyeconomy that kind of money could house a f+a and feed a family of four , maybe +for a year maybe more even here in san francisco, for eelsewheremuch less or much longer congrats to her for the ability to afford it, but these days it seems insensitive to the point of cruelty - particularly to then destroy one for the sake of a picture good luck NancyI've been there,for me, when I stopped looking, HE found me - the when maybe it'll work for u, too

  • newyork2430

    my GOD, that is the ugliest bag I have ever seen.

  • Aron

    Okay, so it is probably way overpriced. But it's a beautiful tote, very fashion forward and simple yet intricate. If she wants to pay that much, it's her business. That's fashion!

  • Anonymous

    The right wing has some extreme fanatic beliefs. Now Mitt Romney has pledged to make the schools in America the best this means Romney will spend billions of dollars on the Department of Education. That's not going to make the Tea Party happy.

  • Nurse

    looks like her bag is made for carrying a bowling ball?