‘Awkward’s’ Jillian Rose Reed Lands Villainous Guest Role on Nick’s ‘Supah Ninjas’ (EXCLUSIVE)

'Awkward's' Beau Mirchoff
The hunky actor talks to Celebuzz shirtlessness on S2.
The Nickelodeon show will be back for Season Four.
She’s the loyal best friend on MTV’s Awkward, but Jillian Rose Reed turns the tables in a villainous new guest-starring role on Nickelodeon.

Celebuzz has learned exclusively that Reed will guest star on the second season of Nick’s Supah Ninjas.

She’ll play Gina, a cute yet style-challenged and shy girl who has a crush on Owen (Carlos Knight).

What else did we learn about Reed’s guest role?

 What’s worse than a woman scorned? A woman ignored. After going unnoticed by the object of her affection one too many times, Gina becomes Wallflower – a super villain who would go to scary lengths to get Owen’s attention. Represented by Discover Management and Buckwald, Reed will appear on Episode 210.

Celebuzz caught up with Reed about the new role and she told us she’s “super excited to work on Supah Ninjas!”

“She’s a little bit of a stalker,” the 20-year-old explains. “But I’d rather call it ‘going after my man,’ So, I basically will do anything to get to him… even if it means kidnapping! I guess I’m a little creepy… But in a charming way!”

Nick announced in March that it had renewed Supah Ninjas for Season 2.  A network spokesperson confirmed Reed’s casting and tells us that the series will return in 2013.

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