Big Time Rush Bros: Kenneth Schmidt Talks About His New Single ‘Micro-Macro’ and His Brother Kendall (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Watch the video for the guys' latest single.
Big Time Rush star Kendall Schmidt isn’t the only one in his family with talent.

On Tuesday, his older brother Kenneth Schmidt released his debut single “Micro-Macro,” and Celebuzz has the exclusive scoop on the acoustic track — which features Kendall on backing vocals — from the singer himself.

Recorded a year before Kendall joined Big Time Rush and found boy band fame, “Micro-Macro” carries a strong social message, one that Kenneth says inspires his music and will be featured heavily on his upcoming new album. Listen to Kenneth’s message to fans above.

“What spurs my music and activities is a desire to see a better world than the one we were born into,” Kenneth tells Celebuzz. “I think we’re at a point in history where a new perspective could shed light on some of the less talked about issues facing the world and perhaps spur us to innovate a better future.”

What did Kenneth have to say about younger bro Kendall?

Kenneth says he always knew his younger brother was going to be a star, revealing, “Kendall is a natural when it comes to music.”

But Kendall might not have gotten to Hollywood without the support — and inspiration — from his brothers. At 16, Kenneth learned to play the guitar, inspiring a young Kendall to do the same.

When the singer-songwriter asked his younger brother to sing backup on “Micro-Macro,” the energy between the Schmidt brothers was seamless. “If I remember right, he sang his part with only one take or two,” Kenneth recalls.

The elder Schmidt admits that when it comes to music, he draws inspiration from many different genres. “I’m inspired by many types of music,” he tells Celebuzz. “I literally have music from every genre on my computer.” And that includes everything from Big Time Rush (of course!) to Deadmau5 and the classical stylings of Yo-Yo Ma.

Listen to “Micro-Macro” below and let us know what you think in the comments! The single is currently available on iTunes.