Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: Paris Hilton on the Secret to Keeping Fit and Healthy (EXCLUSIVE)

Jet-setting socialite Paris Hilton isn’t one to shy away from a bikini — and with a body like hers, one can’t really blame her.

But just how does the 31-year-old starlet — who ranked No. 46 on the Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies countdown — manage to look so good on the beach?

Celebuzz went straight to the source to find out.

Below, check out our full Q&A with Hilton, in which she gives readers tips on what makes a good workout and her true definition of the word “fit.”

Celebuzz: What makes for a great workout?
Paris Hilton: Having fun! I can’t do a workout that is boring or I don’t enjoy doing. It’s all about being active and having fun at the same time. I love Pilates right now, it is fun and such a great workout! Also, it helps out to have an iPod blasting my favorite songs.

Celebuzz: What’s been the key to keeping fit and healthy for you?
PH: Being consistent with exercise and eating healthy is the key. I travel a lot and have a crazy schedule, so it can be hard to keep  up with it. I always try to eat in moderation and every few hours, so I  keep healthy snacks around me all of the time while traveling.

Celebuzz: What’s your secret for staying radiant and refreshed even when you’re crazy busy?
PH: I always try to get enough sleep and drink a lot of water and fruit juices. It can be difficult to feel refreshed with business meetings, photo shoots, and late night hours in the studio, but I try to get as much rest as I can.

Celebuzz: How do you get glowing yet safe summer skin?
PH: Sunscreen of course is a necessity. I’m in the sun a lot – I love going to the beach, but I always makes sure to have sunglasses, sunscreen and a great hat to keep me safe.

Celebuzz: What does being ‘fit’ mean to you?
PH: Being ‘fit’ really means being healthy and feeling good. It isn’t about being skinny or dieting. I like knowing that I’m strong and able to live a long healthy life. I’m on-the-go so much that I need to be able to keep up and I can only do that by living a healthy lifestyle.

Written by: Kira Coplin