Steven Spielberg Reveals Image for Upcoming Film ‘Lincoln’ Featuring Daniel Day-Lewis (PHOTOS)

Another Abraham Lincoln film is coming out — and no, it doesn’t include vampires.

But it is scary how much Daniel Day-Lewis resembles the 16th President.  Take a peak at those similar strong jawlines, pointy noses and thick eyebrows.

The two-time Academy Award winner will be starring alongside big names such as Sally Field,  Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Tommy Lee Jones for the upcoming Steven Spielberg-directed film, Lincoln.

What’s the fuss about?

Lincoln will focus on the dark side of the President’s era in the Oval Office — the tumultuous final months of his reign.

In a nation torn between war and major change, the Illinois native takes on a course of action meant to cease the war, unite the country and abolish slavery.

It may not sound exciting, but every decision made during this time resulted in the society that we abide by today — small steps, huge impacts.

Stay tuned as the film releases to theaters nationwide on November 16, 2012.