Avril Lavigne’s Engagement Rock Rings in at $350,000, Says Jewelry Expert

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Avril Lavigne has finally gotten her happy ending — and a massive engagement ring — which a celebrity  jewelry expert has told Celebuzz cost her rock star fiancé a pretty penny.

“I value it at about $350,000,” style expert Michael O’Connor told Celebuzz.

“That’s a wow!”

The songstress, 27, and her Nickelback frontman hubby-to-be Chad Kroeger, 37, announced their engagement this week by showing off a photo of the happy couple — and Lavigne donning the 14-carat Caryn Alpert-designed sparkler, complete with a platinum-set pear-shape diamond alongside half moons from XIVKARATS in Beverly Hills.

So how does Lavigne’s ring stack up in the quality stakes?

“The center diamond looks like it’s ten carats in size,” O’Connor reveals.

“And on either side she has half-moon shaped diamonds — and for those to be comparable to the larger stone, they’d have to be two carats each.”

Of course the band and setting are also made with best quality for this Canadian couple.

“It’s set in platinum because for a diamond of that size a jeweler wouldn’t set it in anything else because of its durability. Platinum doesn’t wear down like other metals.”

Despite her girly punk rock style, this ring is perfect for the pint-size bride-to-be.

“We haven’t seen a pear-shaped diamond like this since the icons of Liz Taylor and it is like a nod to the free spirit era of the 1960s,” said O’Connor. “And that’s Avril too. She is a free spirit.

“Those diamonds had to be cut and shaped specifically for that ring. It’s very unique.

“This ring says ‘it’s an individual ring that no one else has.’”

This will be Kroeger’s first time down the aisle and Lavigne’s second. She said “I do” to Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley in 2006, but they divorced three years later. Lavigne has since dated on-and-off beau Brody Jenner until the two parted ways earlier this year.


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