‘Awkward’ Star Nikki DeLoach Teases Lacey and Jenna’s Search for Forgiveness

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The hunky actor talks to Celebuzz shirtlessness on S2.
This season on MTV’s Awkward, Jenna (Ashley Rickards) isn’t the only one that has been dealing with love’s ups and downs. In a parallel story to her daughter’s, Lacey has seen her marriage fall apart in the wake of the news that she was behind Season 1’s crippling care-frontation letter.

“Every season, [series creator Lauren Iungerich] kind of goes into where do we want to take Jenna, what do we want to do with Jenna, and how do we parallel that with Lacey and Jenna’s relationship,” Nikki DeLoach, who plays Lacey, tells Celebuzz about the parallels between her character and her daughter.

What can we expect for Lacey and Jenna?

On the last episode, Lacey fell into the arms of an old flame played by Ringer star Kristoffer Polaha and her husband caught an eyeful of the short reunion. Clearly, there will be fallout. And while Lacey decided to end the flirtation before it got too heavy, DeLoach tells us that we may see Polaha again.

“He’s done for the season, but we’re going to try so hard to bring him back and to give him a story because everyone on the set had a total crush on him,” the 32-year-old actress says. “I mean he just brought Ben to life in such an amazing way. And he’s not only one of my dearest friends, but he’s such a fantastic actor and we were just so lucky to get him.”

Going forward, both Jenna and Lacey will be dealing with the ramifications of their choices and DeLoach tells us that there are very redemptive times ahead on the next two episodes, “Homewrecker Hamilton” and “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me.”

“Episode 9 and Episode 10, there’s a parallel story between Lacey and Jenna and the whole ‘Homewrecker Hamilton’ is both of them having to deal with the mistakes that they have made and they have some wrongs that they have to right,” she explains.

“Without giving too much away, that’s going to kind of be the next two episodes and so be prepared for how do they right these wrongs,” she continues. “Both Lacy and Jenna’s secrets are out in the open now. And also you get to find out why Lacey wrote the letter.”

Awkward airs Thursdays at 10:30 PM on MTV.

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