Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: Kendra Wilkinson Offers Advice for Women Struggling to Lose Baby Weight (EXCLUSIVE)

When tabloids started bashing Jessica Simpson earlier this summer for not losing her baby weight quick enough, Kendra Wilkinson quickly came to her defense.

“I needed to be at least one voice out there for someone’s who going through that,” she told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview. “As if the criticism is going to be the power to get her to lose weight or something.”

Knowing the struggle of losing baby weight all too well, the former Girls Next Door Star — who welcomed son Hank Jr. in 2009 — is back in fighting shape. Now, she’s sharing her tips and secrets on how she did it.

Check out our full interview with Wilkinson — who ranked No. 32 on the Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies countdown — to find out her workout routine, her healthy eating tips (hint: she doesn’t diet!) and the advice she has for women struggling to lose weight.

Celebuzz: What is your favorite part of your body?
Kendra Wilkinson: Definitely my legs. I’ve always had great legs — it’s also my husband’s favorite part. I’m a softball player, a soccer player — an athlete — and the best part of an athlete’s body are the legs. You’re always moving; you have those calf muscles, the quads. Whenever I work out, my muscles just pop and they are awesome.


Celebuzz: How would you describe your workout routine?
KW: I’m not on a regular routine at all; I just do whatever I want to do at the time. I get bored really easily. I’m always wanting to try new things. That’s what keeps me on my feet. I have a friend that I do yoga with. I actually just said to her, “Let’s try something new, like rock climbing.” Right now I’m also very interested in doing mixed martial arts [MMA] training.

Celebuzz: How did you latest fitness interest come about?
KW: My husband [Hank Baskett] just opened up his own workout facility, called Performance Gains, and they have top-of-the-line trainers there — NFL and MMA trainers — so, I get a chance to workout with top-of-the-line people like that. The facility is dedicated to professional training. It’s not, “Oh, I’ll just sit around and drink some coffee and then I’ll run on the treadmill for 10 minutes.” No way. You’re going there to work. Nowadays, no one wants to just mess around in a gym anymore; You want to get the best workout you can within an hour. That’s what this facility is meant for. [There’s] no messing around. You’ve got to be in and out — get that sweat and get out.

Celebuzz: What areas do you pay most attention to?
KW: My core is the biggest thing I need to focus on, because after having [my son] Hank, I’ll find that if I go a couple weeks without working out, it gets so weak. Then I’ll have to stretch again and do yoga before I go back into hardcore training. It’s the key.


Celebuzz: What role does diet play in your life?
KW: I don’t diet. I’ve trained myself my whole life to eat healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle, so it takes a lifetime of dedication to yourself to really be on a natural diet. I’m very common-sense smart when it comes to balance — too much sugar; too little sugar, too much sodium; too little sodium. I’m very, very smart with that and I pass that down to my son. We’re not crazy people; we have popsicles, gummies and goldfish like that at the house. But I monitor how much he eats of everything he eats. Once you get the hang of balance — too much or too less — you have what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can eat some chips, but train yourself to just have a handful.

Celebuzz: Do you cook?
KW: We’re big chicken eaters around here. We don’t eat a lot of red meat. A lot of time, we will get very lean turkey burgers and have those for dinner without the bun. We’re pretty simple people; we like the good, ole’ regular stuff — green beans, carrots, broccoli. We don’t really do that much with anything.  My husband, Hank, cooks a really yummy stir-fry; it’s so good. We have green, red and yellow peppers in there, and chicken and noodles. We’re very simple; we don’t really like to dedicate our lives to food. In our culture today, we’re too obsessed with food. I’m not. I grew up being obsessed with wanting to go outside and play and being active. I think it’s important to eat; but I don’t think anybody should be obsessed with food. I don’t get the obsession with food. I eat to have energy; I eat because I need to eat.

Celebuzz: How do you stay energized throughout the day?
KW: Snacks! They have little travel type snacks at the grocery store nowadays -– bags of nuts, fruit, little cups of fruit. I don’t really eat big, so I just kind of throw things in my mouth anytime I can. The producer of my show says, “I can’t believe how much you snack, but wow, your body.” … I’m just go, go, go. I forget to eat my meals, so I’d rather snack all day.


Celebuzz: Are there any rich indulgences that you crave?
KW: Popcorn or guacamole. Any appetizer food is my weakness. I know that doesn’t sound bad. My husband teases me all the time. He says, “You eating bad is most people’s diet.” I never even eat the meals when I go to a restaurant; I just stick to the appetizers. Movie-theater food is my weakness — anything at the movie theaters. Sometimes I just want to go to the movie theater just to get their food and not even go to the movies. I have a specific thing: I get popcorn and I dip it in nacho cheese.

Celebuzz: What advice would you give women who are struggling to lose the baby weight right now?
KW: There’s a whole new recipe, a whole new way of life, for your new body. You just have to give it time. You can read about it, and you can look at diets online, but you’re on your own diet now and it’s all up to you to figure it out. You have to figure out what works for you and your new life and your new body. My journey took about two years to really start seeing results. At first, after having the baby, I was really stubborn. I was working out every single day, sometimes twice a day, and I still wasn’t losing a lot of weight because I was being stubborn with my food.  I was like, “Well, I used to eat this so I can still eat it. I can fight it.” But I never did. It’s going to take the person to really figure out that you have a whole new recipe to your new body and that you can’t be stubborn at all — not one moment. You cannot look at your body the same as it was before having the baby. You’ve got to look at it in a completely, completely different way.

Celebuzz: How do you feel now that you’ve lost it all?
KW: As hard as it was for me, I’m so happy now. I think I’m happier than ever before. It was the best thing that happened to my life, because I’ve had to work my way up; I had to work my way back. Sometimes you have to look at things in a positive way and tell yourself, “I’m going to make this fun.” A life that’s too perfect? That’s boring. Trial and error makes things a little bit more fun. Once you get to your goal weight and your goal body, that’s what makes your journey so much fun. And you think, “Wow, I did it.” You you feel like it’s more of accomplishment.