NBC’s ‘Guys with Kids’ Preview: Babies, Dates and Kareem Abdul Jabbar (VIDEO)

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NBC’s Guys with Kids is the latest in a line of comedies that try to make you laugh at a dude taking care of a baby, which we admit can be very funny. Only in this show there are three guys and way more than just one baby to take care of.

Executive produced by late night funny man Jimmy Fallon, the show follows friends Gary (Anthony Anderson), Chris (Jesse Bradford) and Nick (Zach Cregger) through their trials and tribulations in raising their kids while trying to remain kids themselves and keep their relationships afloat.

What’s the scoop on Guys with Kids?

Who’s who: Besides our three guys with kids we also have their significant others. Jamie-Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos) plays Nick’s wife and mother of two. Tempestt Bledsoe (The Cosby Show) demonstrates good chemistry with Anderson as Gary’s wife. Chris’ ex wife, originally played by Sara Rue (who is now in Malibu Country) will be played by Children’s Hospital actress Erinn Hayes.

Buzz: With this being Fallon’s first foray into producing, the real buzz is about his involvement. It was widely reported during the TCA Press tour that the sitcom was originally pitched as “DILFs” after he and Amy Ozols began seeing lots of young attractive guys with babies all around New York City.

Workin’ it: The relationship between the guys appears genuine throughout the pilot episode but what really worked for us was when Anderson and Bledsoe had scenes together. Bringing the wives in, specifically Nick and Gary’s gave us a few laughs. We know the show is supposed to be about guys with kids, but we think it could benefit from the ladies. Guest stars are great too with Kareem Abdul Jabbar making an appearance.

Not so much: Though we did laugh out loud a few times during the episode, there were quite a few jokes that felt forced and didn’t garner any response. A lot of these felt stale and hit material in much the same way as other comedies of men with children have. To succeed, the show needs to find a fresh angle.

Celebuzz meter (1-10): 6. We’re not sold on this show yet but with Fallon behind the reigns and actors like Anderson and Bradford in the cast, we’ll definitely be giving the show a few episodes before we decide if it’s a keeper.

Guys with Kids officially premieres September 26 at 830 PM on NBC but a sneak peek of the show airs Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 10 PM. To watch more videos from the show head over to nbc.com.