LeAnn Rimes on Upcoming Album and New Website: ‘It’s a New Chapter’ (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

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With a new website launching Thursday and an album on the way, LeAnn Rimes is ready to start a whole new chapter of her career.

“It’s going to be full of light!” Rimes gushed to Celebuzz. “I co-wrote 9 out of the 13 songs on [my album], Spitfire. It’s a roller-coaster ride of emotions I’ve experienced in the past several years and in my lifetime, from pain, anger, love, being broken completely and letting go.”

And the Grammy award-winning artist promises that ‘Spitfire,’ due out in early spring, will show fans a whole new side of her.

“I have never been so honest when writing, producing and performing on an album,” Rimes explained.

“This a no-holds-barred record,” she continued. “It took me 18 years to make what I feel is the most passionate, soul baring most complete album of my career. I feel like this is just the beginning.”

The first single on the album is expected to be released in December, but no word yet what song will take the lead in Rimes’ musical comeback.

Rimes — who holds the record for youngest recipient of a Grammy — has a brand-new outlook on her singing and songwriting.

“At this point in my life, music is about connecting with people,” she said. “I feel like I spoke my truth and said many things some people might be afraid to admit to themselves or others. It’s been the most freeing experience of my life, and I hope it moves people to freedom too.”

Named for her upcoming album, Spitfire Social Club is just one of the new open-forum features of her new website, which “will give a very intimate peek into my world of music, tour, brand new album and my life,” said Rimes.

On a whole, the new fan homebase “will be the go-to place to find honest, positive, new information about all the happenings in my world,” Rimes explained.

“I love interacting with my fans. The new site, along with the new Spitfire Social Club, will give a very intimate peek into my world of music, tour, brand new album and my life. I can’t wait to have an even more personal connection with my fans and friends.”

Will you be checking out Rimes’ new website? Sound off in comments.

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