Big Time Rush Tour: Kevin Schmidt on Watching ‘Late Night Movies’ and ‘More Than a Few Tattoos’ (EXCLUSIVE)

BTR's 'Windows Down'
Watch the video for the guys' latest single.
Going on tour with the boys of Big Time Rush sounds like one big party, and according to Kevin Schmidt, it is!

Kevin, Kendall Schmidt’s older brother, went on tour with his younger bro and the boys of BTR for one week this summer, and he’s giving Celebuzz the scoop on all of the fun tour shenanigans.

How did the Schmidt brothers, James MaslowCarlos Pena, Jr. and Logan Henderson pass time on the tour bus? Plus, who got a new tattoo?

“Going on the Big Time Summer Tour with Kendall and Logan was a big time rush,” Kevin tells Celebuzz. “It was awesome traveling across the U.S. on the tour bus and ending up in Kansas City, a hometown crowd for Kendall and I.”

However, when Kendall and the boys weren’t on stage entertaining their screaming fans, Kevin says they liked to hang out on the tour bus.

“When the boys weren’t performing, we watched late night movies on the bus after gigs, laughed a lot, and witnessed the inking of more than a few tattoos! I told Kendall and Logan, ‘I’m here to be the hundred-sixty pound fly on the wall.’ I think I

In July, Kendall got inked with a sugar skull tattoo on his upper arm. The tat represents Mexico’s annual All Soul’s Day, which falls on Nov. 2. Coincidentally, that also happens to be Kendall’s birthday.

Earlier this week, Big Time Rush performed at the White House in support of first lady Michelle Obama’s healthy living campaign. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Kendall and Kevin’s eldest brother Kenneth released his debut single “Micro-Macro” — featuring Kendall on backing vocals.

“What spurs my music and activities is a desire to see a better world than the one we were born into,” Kenneth told Celebuzz. “I think we’re at a point in history where a new perspective could shed light on some of the less talked about issues facing the world and perhaps spur us to innovate a better future.”

Are you surprised to hear what BTR did on their time off from the stage?

Kenneth Schmidt talks about his new single “Micro-Macro” below.

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