Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: Brandi Glanville Talks Bikini Sizes, Del Taco Cravings (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)

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While filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Hawaii last season, Brandi Glanville flaunted a barely there bikini that was the talk of the trip.

Stripping down for Celebuzz, the Bravo star -- who ranked No. 31 on the Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies countdown -- hares her tips for choosing the right bikini and looking great on the beach. Her tip: go small or go home.

"The smaller the bikini, the better you look ..." she explained. "I think when you get a big bikini on a small person, you end up looking heavier.  So, I feel like you, [if] you make it smaller, then you look smaller."

Meanwhile, Glanville also confessed her eating habits include everything from healthy meals to, yep, fast food.


"I love to cook, and I also love Del Taco, so I'm all over the place," she confessed. "I like a little healthy here, a little fast food there."

For more on our interview with Brandi Glanville, check out the video, below.


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  • Gramma

    Where is Bethany Franel under "hot celeb bodies". She puts all the ones u show to shame...

  • Shaun Coleman
    Shaun Coleman

    Why is she so thin everywhere but her stomoc? It bubbles out like a doughnut.

  • Nicolula83

    Haha Eddie mugged himself RIGHT off there.. hahaha I'll bet he feels like he's floggin a dead (lookin) horse now what a damn fool!!!! Keep doin u Brandi G! Don't ever look back.. xxxx

  • Nicola

    so gorgeous!! wow!

  • Xena

    So what you are basically saying is that you need to get chicks by showing off your money. Don't waste your time. Just put an ad on Craig's list. It's cheaper because you most certainly will not attract "quality". What you are looking for is a good looking Bimbo and /or hooker. Just saying.........



  • Marcel

    She have everything the look, the personality, the body...and she is for real!!!

  • denver54

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  • Sandra

    I LUV her! She looks amazing and has shown women you can move on in difficult times! Love ya Brandi Glanville! Sandra from Georgia

  • calimommy09

    Brandi you look A-MAZING. I too think you're an inspiration and love how you've made TONS of lemonade with the lemons life has handed you. Its very refreshing to see someone like you on television and your boys are so very lucky to have you as their mommy. Can't wait to see all the great things you'll be doing this next year!

  • Dženija

    Aww... Youre so Beautiful and Super Funny... One of my Fav HouseWives for Sure...

  • Mel

    Brandi, you rock girl !! You look hot in every one of your bikinis. You should be number one !! :))

  • 8smileys

    Brandi you're an inspiration to all women. You have taken a bad situation and recreated yourself. From being a model, then a stay-at-home mom, to being a RHOBH, & now CelebBuzz's Hot Body. With your upcoming book & fashion line you've made quite the name for yourself. I'll bet it feels amazing to be making your own money & own headlines now. Your persistency & drive has shown your boys to never give up. They will always be so proud of you & what you've accomplished. I know that your love for them motivates you. You are a hottie &, more importantly, a great mom/person!

  • TG

    Ugh, she looks PERFECT!! Going to the gym NOW!

  • Karen

    Simply beautiful:)

  • Melly

    As usual Brandi is looking great! If I had the body, I'd buy all her suits, they're super cute!

  • natalinaballerina

    brandi is a trend setter, next summer all ur going to see are the highwaisted bottoms!! lets all eat cake in our bikinis, i totally love the theory!

  • natalinaballerina

    So damn hot! Love love love the high waisted bottoms