Empire State Building Shooting: Celebrities Tweet Their Sympathies (GALLERY)

'DKR' Shooting: Reactions
Politicians and celebrities react to the tragic mass shooting.
New York City was struck with yet another tragedy Friday morning when a gunman opened fire in front of the Empire State Building.

Quickly, Hollywood responded by sending its love and support to the East Coast.

Former accessories designer Jeffrey Johnson, 58, sparked chaos at the famed tourist attraction when he shot and killed a coworker before engaging in a gun battle with police. The tragic incident left at least eight wounded and two dead, including Johnson.

What are celebrities saying about the tragedy?

Many — including Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Rihanna — are keeping the victims in their thoughts and prayers.

“Sending my prayers to everyone involved with the Empire State Building shooting,” Kardashian wrote on her Twitter. “This violence has got to stop!!!”

Meanwhile, some celebrities are calling for stricter gun control to put an end public shootings.

“We seriously need som gun control,” Scary Movie actor Marlon Wayans tweeted. “Not everyone can or should bare arms.”

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