Jennifer Aniston’s Brother Is ‘Glad’ Justin Theroux Came Along, ‘Hoping it Works Out’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jennifer Aniston is getting a second chance at love – and her family is rooting for her, especially her big brother.

Jack Melick, whose son John is Aniston’s half brother, said no one is happier that she is marrying actor/director Justin Theroux than his son.

“I know he’s glad this guy came along,” Melick, 82, said, in an exclusive interview. “We’re all so proud of her. I hope this lasts.”

This will mark Aniston’s first trip down the aisle since she said “I Do” to uber-famous actor Brad Pitt, in 2000. (The couple divorced in 2005, after he hooked up with his now-fiancee, Angelina Jolie.)

Will the second time be the charm for the ex-Friends star?

For one, Melick said he is hopeful, especially since she’s marrying someone with a lower profile than her own.

“[Theroux is] not as famous [as Aniston], so this might work out a lot better,” he said. “I sure hope it works out between them.”

Fueling his thoughts, Aniston’s brother — who is as “close as two siblings can be” — was just not that “enthused about the others,” Melick said.


The actress has dated a variety of leading men, including Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, Tate Donovan, ex-hubby Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, lighting tech Brian Bouma, model Paul Sculfer and Gerard Butler.

But there was only one who got her sibling’s two thumbs up approval, according to Melick.

“John Mayer was okay in his opinion,” he said.

“He sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to my granddaughter and she sat on his lap. So he was always a favorite.”

Melick was married to Aniston’s mother Nancy Dow in the late 1950s before she married legendary soap opera actor John Aniston, 79.

“She’s a woman who alienated a lot of people,” Melick said of his ex-wife, who suffered a stroke in 2011.

“She’s now up and about,” he added.

“The last word I got was that she still has a slight shuffle when she walks, but she’s home from rehab and doing well.

“When she first went into the hospital, Jennifer and her boyfriend went to visit, so they’re not totally estranged. But they’re not close friends, either.”

Many have wondered whether Aniston’s impending nuptials will bring the mother and daughter closer together? Melick isn’t sure.

One thing he does know: Aniston will make a great mom herself. In fact, she’s already had some practice with her niece and nephew.

“I know she sees them on Christmas and special occasions and holidays,” he said. “She loves those kids.”

“She wants to have kids real bad, and I think she’ll love to be able to do that with [Justin].”