Jennifer Garner Shows a Sharp Edge in ‘Butter’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Garner has played the sweet mom for so long — both on-screen and off — that it’s easy to forget that the former Alias star once had a sharp edge.

That edge appears to be back, judging by the trailer for Butter, the forthcoming big-screen political satire, in which she leads a cast that includes Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene, and Hugh Jackman.

That’s right, political satire. Sure, it looks like it’s just a comedy about competitive butter-sculpting, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

What’s inside the dark heart of Butter?

As seen in the trailer (newly posted at Yahoo! Movies), Garner plays Laura Pickler, wife of a retired butter-carving champion (Modern Family’s Ty Burrell), who decides to take up the art herself, with the hopes of riding victory all the way to the Iowa governor’s mansion — or even the White House. But standing in her way is a young, orphaned African-American girl named Destiny (Yara Shahidi), who’s a butter prodigy.

Substitute a bitter butter competition for the 2008 Democratic primary, and you might have the story of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Then again, Garner’s chirpy Midwestern housewife, burning with political ambition, has reminded more than one critic of recent Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann.

Butter also stars Olivia Wilde (as a stripper who threatens to come between the Picklers), Rob Corddry and Alicia Silverstone (as Destiny’s foster parents), Ashley Greene, and Hugh Jackman. Cable viewers will be able to rent it for viewing on demand starting September 7. The movie opens in theaters on October 5.