Lance Armstrong Doping Controversy: What Celebrities Are Saying

Armstrong vs. USADA
Details into Lance Armstrong's doping controversy.
Armstrong's Denials
Lance Armstrong's struggle to save his reputation.
Lance Armstrong is the name on everyone’s lips.

After years of controversy, the cycling champ announced Thursday night that he would drop his fight against the USADA’s doping charges. As a result, the agency is threatening to strip Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles and ban him from competition for life.

There is a question, though, whether the USADA — the official anti-doping agency for Olympic, Pan American and Paralympic sports in the U.S. — has authority on his case. International agencies, such as the International Cycling Union, may have to weigh in before Armstrong would face the prospect of losing his lifetime of victories.

As decorated athlete awaits his fate, Armstrong’s doping drama has become the talk of the Twitterverse.

So what are celebrities scandal that’s looming over the most celebrate cyclist of all time?

Celebuzz is given you a look at the Hollywood chatter:

Jack Black: BREAKING: Lance Armstrong has tested positive for three banned substances in France. Soap, deodorant and tooth paste.

Dane Cook: If the US Anti-Doping Agency strips Lance Armstrong of his 7 titles I’ll strongly continue to not watch or support the Tour de France ever.

Michael Muhney: To all 37,000 of my followers… I believe @lancearmstrong’s statement tonight. I’m on his side. I hope you are too. #witchHUNT

Donald Trump: I am very surprised that @lancearmstrong gave up. I never thought he was a quitter… @lancearmstrong should immediately reconsider or his legacy is ruined.

Sophia Bush: Read @lancearmstrong’s heartbreaking statement. He’s passed all these tests, and they’re still digging? #WitchHunt

Adam Baldwin: “USADA: quasi-government agency throws out due process, strips @LanceArmstrong of titles…” – ~ #Envy #UnAmericanism

Luke Mitchell: Lance Armstrong is a 7 time #TourDeFrance winner & a living Sporting Legend. No #WitchHunt will change that. #LiveStrong

William Shatner: [email protected]: My official statement re: @usantidoping’s pitiful charade” I am so sorry this is happening to you MBB

Piers Morgan: Well, at least I won’t have to put up with any more Lance Armstrong ‘never quit’ inspiration cards.

Ryan Sutter: Only @lancearmstrong knows the truth. That gives him either the peace of innocence or torment of guilt. #lifegoeson

Fred Savage: The world is a better place as a result of @lancearmstrong climbing on a bike. I will support him today and everyday.

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