Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Hit the Beach in North Carolina (PHOTOS)

Olivia Wilde cleavage jason sudeikis
Wilde and Sudeikis plan to get romantic on-screen as well. Read More »

Tron star Olivia Wilde and Horrible Bosses comedian Jason Sudeikis are still going strong.

The cute couple was spotted soaking up the sun on a beach excursion in Wilmington, North Carolina on Wednesday.

Wilde, 28, donned a tiny black string bikini, while Sudeikis, 36, sported canary-colored bottoms with blue and black details.

Did they actually splash around in the water?

It appears as if they definitely hopped in the ocean.

As you can see from the drastic change in Wilde's hair, the two were not afraid of getting a little wet.

Wilde started off nice and dry, with her brunette locks pulled back into a messy bun.  But she was later seen with damp tresses flowing down her back; her beau was equally drenched.

The duo have been dating since December of 2011.

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