Prince Harry’s Party Girls Speak on ‘Good Morning America’: ‘He Was Just Like a Normal Guy’ (VIDEO)

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“I was kind of like what’s going on? We’re at the coolest pool party ever,” one of the lucky ladies who partied with Prince Harry  told ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday.

Four ladies from New York in Vegas for their friend’s bachelorette party spent some time fraternizing with the royal at the pool prior to Harry’s late night antics, which ended in a nude photo scandal. Seen partying with these ladies among many others wearing a tank top reading, “Let’s get WILD,”  they took the slogan to heart.

What did the girls have to say about the Prince?

“He asked us if he could wear one of our bachelorette shirts and we didn’t hesitate. He put it on and jumped on his friend’s shoulders and waved his hands in the air,” said one of the four girls smiling.

The shirt was custom-made for their bachelorette weekend. The Prince reportedly asked if any of the ladies were single while they were mingling.

Another one of the ladies continued, “He was just like a normal guy, it was kind of amazing that here is the Prince of England wearing our tank top.”

The girls were surprised the royal didn’t have much security with him but said, “I think he was just looking to have a good time. He didn’t say anything rude or obnoxious. He was just really kind.”

Though they weren’t around for his game of strip billiards, the girls did say, “We told him where we were staying and our room number and he repeated our room number and we knew he wouldn’t come back but he knew where were staying at least.”

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