Ryan Lochte's Sister Megan Speaks Out on Controversial Video: 'It Was Not a Real Interview'

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After taking home gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics, Ryan Lochte is living under the scrutiny of the Hollywood spotlight.

But he's not the only one. The Team USA champ's sister, Megan Lochte, has found herself under fire after a controversial video she tapped years ago has spread like wildfire across the web.

The video, uncovered by Jezebel, features Megan offering up seemingly racist opinions on a talk show after returning from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The clip has sparked a disparaging media storm of backlash.

But now Megan is putting all speculation to rest and setting the record straight. "I would like to apologize for the video that is circulating," Megan said in a statement to Celebuzz. "This was not a real interview, and it in no way reflects my true feelings or persona whatsoever."

So where did the video come from?

The video was recorded in 2008. "During that time, I played a character on a television comedy show called Closing Time TV, which was a show with different comedy skits, fake news skits and staged interviews," Megan explained. "The video in question reflects a skit from the show in which I acted as an ignorant guest on a talk show that made ignorant comments."

While many have slammed the apparent racist ramblings in the video, Locthe's sister says script was meant to shed light on such narrow-mindedness. "The intent was to make fun of the ignorance of people who actually do not have an understanding of other cultures and speak in racist ways," said Megan. "The skit and my character were supposed to be making fun of ignorance."

And she certainly was not aiming to offend her audience. "It was never the intent to make fun of any culture or class of people," she assured. "I want to reiterate that this was not a real talk show, and I was not expressing my personal views."

But, through this headline-hitting hoopla, the show's mission to highlight societal prejudices did succeed in some way. "Comedy in general can be offensive, yet spread awareness," Megan explained. "I do see how it was highly offensive to the viewer, but as seen by today's widespread outrage, it clearly did increase awareness of the ignorance of those who are racist."

Nevertheless, Megan recognizes that the controversial clip has rubbed people the wrong way. "While the intent of the script was to shed light on cultural ignorance, I realize that in application it did offend people," she said. "For that, I apologize."

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  • A Human being
    A Human being

    There are only two types of people in this world: good and bad. It doesn't matter what ethnicity or nationality,what color, there are dumb people in many parts of the world. The problem is this person has a platform to run her mouth, to degrade others, than she changes her mind in matter of seconds. At least, be consistent and stop back pedaling. I am not going to die because my feelings were hurt by this uneducated "Lady in hat" who is only famous because she a half sister to a swimmer. It just makes me sad that this type of people could make money (only in United States people pay to them to watch them on reality show, where my husband who is in military, loses sleep and losing his health to defend her right to run her mouth. Where his child being called "chink" at school and he can't defend her because he is not there because of his deployments. I am not even chinese, and I am offended. Shame on her.

  • bunny

    Just so everyone here is aware, racism works in all different directions. You'd actually be more disgusted if you knew what many, many Chinese people say about white people, and what would happen to you if you went to certain parts of China. I don't throw a shit-fit every time someone says "white trash" or "redneck" on tv, now do I?

  • Human being
    Human being

    I don't believe her. They are afraid of losing endorsements, therefore coming out and explaining themselves this fast. I would respect her more, if she stopped lying. I'd rather deal with a straight answer, than lies. I hate when people smile to your face, but say racist things behind people's back. She studies Multicultural Marketing really? A half Cuban, she must be forgotten that Cuba is a Communistic society just like China. It makes me feel sad that she is talking about going to war with China, she is not going to fight, or neither her brother. They probably would be chilling by the pool side, and drinking wine, while my husband who was already deployed 3 times, (who sacrificed his time with me and our kids, by being deployed to war zones) would go out there and defend the pathetic, ignorant, racist Americans like her. Even though, she is saying racist things about his wife and kids. By the way, that stupid hat she is wearing, probably made in China. She is a low class bigot.

  • Meg

    Watched the video and don't believe in her excuse one bit. Ha. Really, does she really want us to believe she was acting? I really cannot believe she thought it was okay to use the word "Chink" so many times. What a fake and racist bi%ch. Totally turned off by this family now.

  • Webster

    Nice spelling. Tapped? Locthe? That is all.

  • bkln

    she is her mother's daughter.

  • John Lee
    John Lee

    I'm an American of Chinese descent. Born, raised, educated and worked in mostly affluent white areas and companies. I can confirm through a lifetime of experience that most whites--across all economic strata-- are racist towards Asian Americans. This video is so not surprising.

  • gigi

    This is total BS. We all saw the interview, and we all know it was real. Does she think we're as stupid as she and her brother are that we'd believe this outright lie? It's insulting that they would think we'd be appeased by such a crappy excuse.

  • Epic Fail
    Epic Fail

    It was all fake and she was playing a character but used her real name and was discussing going to China for the Olympics...like she did when Ryan swam in the 2008 Olympcs? Eh. Fail. Weaksauce excuses from her/her brother's PR. Surely they could've come up with something more believable. Apology not accepted.

  • Dr No
    Dr No

    Sadly, she speaks for most white Americans. Note that the host, other guests and the entire audience found her racism hilarious and acceptable.

  • NiceTry

    Ok, so the 'character' she was playing was named 'Megan', and had just been to Beijing for the Olympics. Stellar acting, Megan!

  • tenz

    stupid bitch should die...

  • Angry

    What a lot of rubbish, you did not think of the consequences. It was so hard to watch even 1 minute of it, here in UK you get arrested/fined or put in Jail for an offensive tweet. If there is a reason to beat a woman. here is one. Im sure Rihanna will approve it.

  • Oli

    That was bad.What a low life Bitch, to be talking a about an individual set of People and their culture like that. I think the issue with us Americans is we think we're superior to others. She could apologise till she foams at the mouth, I would not accept it if I were an Asian person. Sickening.

  • hop sing
    hop sing

    What a crock O' Shit

  • dtks888

    She should have thought of that before doing the offensive skit. Unfortunately, the ignorant will just laugh & agree, not rethink their misguided thoughts.