Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Settlement: How Much Child Support Is He Handing Over?

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Tom Cruise is worth a whopping $250 million — but ex-wife Katie Holmes didn't get any of that fortune in the divorce, according to reports.

Less than two weeks after announcing their shocking split, Cruise and Holmes reached a speedy, behind-closed-doors settlement in July. And on Monday, the high-profile divorce came came to a close in New York City court.

Now financial details of deal have come to light.

Is Holmes seeing dollar signs?

Far from it, according to TMZ. After five years of marriage to the big-budget screen star, Holmes walked away with no spousal support from Cruise, says the site -- nor did the actress-turned-fashion-designer receive any lump sump from her former hubby.

But Holmes — who retains primary physical custody of the couple's six-year-old daughter, Suri — is collecting child support. Cruise is forking over $400,000 per year, via electronic transfer, in child support until Suri turns 18-years-old, reports TMZ. Over the next 12 years, that will total to $4.8 million.

And Cruise — who has liberal visitation rights with his daughter — is also on the hook for Suri's expenses, including any medical, dental, insurance, education, college and extracurricular costs. But there will be no expenditure for boarding school, as the exes have agreed that Suri will not attend a "residential school."

Do you think the divorce deal is fair? Sound off in comments.

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  • Hazel B
    Hazel B

    Isn't she the mother of Suri, the child he claims to love so much? This is the way he treats his child's mom? Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. He would benefit from therapy. I'm sure he will find another woman with low self esteem he can Lord over, they are a dime a dozen. He can buy another one. It's so obvious. My husband offered to pay me more if we ever got divorced. Very creepy way to treat any mom. Just typical, ordinary low class behavior. I shall lower my expectations for him, so he doesn't upset me anymore. Easy to do.

  • denver54

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  • Angie

    @AMY nope shows Tom's smart man. All the crap from Katie about the religion thing is what it is Crap! for crying out loud she went into it with her eyes wide open you cant do the whole james bond divorce routine so tom would look bad. And rushing to go register with a catholic church doesnt absolve you or make you catholic. all am saying is she's got fame now no matter what anyone says. b4 tom she was just the mousy kid from dawson's creek. I dislike whiny people,she went into that marriage know Tom wldnt compromise his religion, the whole world knows the man wont compromise on the religion thing. @Tom dude i think second time is not so much of a charm except for your adorable daughter. atleast now you might want to make the next mrs cruise understand scientology before walking down the aisle. Best of Luck Man!

  • Amy Korst-pemberton
    Amy Korst-pemberton

    It shows Katie is an independent woman!! She dosent need Tom's money! she has talent and is an amazing person! Tom might make money but,he has not won many awards if any for his acting skills!!Katie is young,beautiful and has a bright future I am so glad her and suri have a chance at a normal life without the church of the give me money cult!! Scary just another version of Wakeo!! Another,subject all together! Tom needs to pay child support and that 's great!! Best of luck kadies!!!