Aaliyah Death: 5 Unforgettable Music Videos in Remembrance of the Singer (VIDEOS)

aaliyah's very best
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Aaliyah
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R&B singer Aaliyah was tragically killed in a plane crash 11 years ago on Saturday.

The young superstar, who was also an aspiring actress, had just wrapped a music video shoot in the Bahamas for her single “Rock The Boat,” when the aircraft she boarded crashed moments after takeoff. Eight others, including makeup artists, a security guard and the pilot, were also killed.

Aaliyah, whose full name was Aaliyah Dana Haughton, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Jan. 16, 1979. After signing her first record deal at the age of 12, the singer went on to release three studio albums, including the self-titled “Aaliyah,” which was released just two months before her tragic death.

From her shared screen time with a hawk in “Are You That Somebody” to her slick dance moves in “Try Again,” Aaliyah was always inventing something new in her music videos.

Missy Elliott, who appeared in the music video for the 1997 hit “Up Jumps Da Boogie” with Timbaland, Magoo and Aaliyah, paid tribute to the late singer on Saturday via Twitter.

Nicki Minaj also took to Twitter to commemorate Aaliyah, writing: In memory of Aaliyah’s music and work, here are her top five unforgettable music videos. Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts below.

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  • Devin Scott
    Devin Scott

    Like the other 2 people said she was truly one in a million. i was 5 when she died in 2001. im upsest witht the year 2001 now dam aaliyah why did you have to get on that plane. but its no escaping death. it was her time to leave this earth, even if she didnt get on that plane she still would have died that day. (R.I.P.) baby girl

  • Tyler Kochman
    Tyler Kochman

    Wait a minute, if Nicki likes Aaliyah why has she been dissing Lil Kim, who was one of Aaliyah's really good friends. In my opinion, that is just rude and messed up on Nicki's part the way she has been towards Lil' Kim. Kim is a LEGENDARY rap artist who has released so much INCREDIBLE rap music. My two favorite rappers, personally, are her and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (RIP Left Eye, and nothing but love for Kim).

  • jatonee

    Aaliyah meant alot to me so unique and talented and truely beautiful inside and out that's the type of woman everyman dream about forever missed never forgotten ,the true r&b diva but the only princess they call Rihanna the princess no its aaliyah forever love and miss u

  • denver54

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  • Aaliyah974fan

    Well, she's still to this day one of my idols. I can't believe it's been 11 years. I was 11 back then and I remember that day as if it was yesterday. RIP Angel. I love all of these videos but if I had to choose a favorite it would be More than A woman, she's SO beautiful in it. We need a resolution is the very best though...... <3

  • Jsoulchild

    One is A Million is my favorite song ever but the videos to Rock the Boat and Try Again are just EPIC. RIP Aaliyah

  • adam s
    adam s

    rock the boat! it was first song by her i got and fell in love with it.