Nicki Minaj Strips Down in New ‘I Am Your Leader’ Music Video (VIDEO)

The rapper flaunted her bikini bod in new music video.
Bikinis, gold body paint and a diamond-encrusted bustiere? That can only mean one thing: a new Nicki Minaj video.

The 29-year-old rapper holds nothing back for her “I Am Your Leader” video as she struts around an array of colorful and barely-there ensembles. The video, which debuted just a day after Minaj appeared as a stripping doctor in B.o.B.‘s “Out of My Mind,” also features the sexy singer in submerged in a bathtub with nothing but a neon green wig on.

However, Minaj’s wardrobe isn’t the only thing that raising eyebrows.

The song also boasts equally racy and raunchy language.

“I am your leader / Yes I am your leader / You’re not a believer / Suck a big d*ck,” she sings on the new explicit single.

“Young yummy / F*ck you got from me / I hate a phony b*tch that front that chunk chummy.”

Lyrics for “I Am Your Leader,” which features also Rick Ross and Cam’Ron, is now available on DirectLyrics.

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