'Real Housewives' Caroline Manzo Says Clash With Teresa Giudice Was 'Not Fun, It's Not Nice' (Q&A)

"There’s nothing to be proud of there."
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After spending several days on the road in relative peace, things reach a boiling point between Caroline Manzo and former friend Teresa Giudice on Sunday’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey followed by a special Watch What Happens: Live with the two women.

“I couldn’t find anything positive about it,” Manzo, who tells Celebuzz that she watched Sunday’s episode at least six times rather than her usual two – once to blog about it and again when it airs to tweet about it.

“The only thing positive about it was I finally said what I needed to say and I’m done. And that was a year ago,” she continues. “And I have not seen or spoken to Teresa since the reunion last year with the exception of the Bravo commercial – I was in the same room with her. My last words to Teresa Giudice were at the reunion last year. And can I tell you, it’s been a wonderful year.”

Celebuzz spoke to Manzo, 51, about the clash airing Sunday, whether reconciliation with Giudice is possible and how she felt about the phone call in which Joe Giudice referred to his wife in very vulgar terms.

Celebuzz: You had done so well avoiding conflict with Teresa on the trip. Why did you find it necessary to get involved that night airing on Sunday's episode? Caroline Manzo: Your terminology is actually appropriate. I had to get involved, because [Teresa] looked directly at me and asked me a question. And I had no intention of saying a word, not a word, because I was exhausted. You can see in my face that I just wanted the trip to end. I was exhausted from it. And I was asked a direct question. And if you’re going to be so brave as to ask me a direct question and knowing what the answer is going to be, I’m going to give it to you. And that’s what happened.

CB: If viewers could only take one message from the episode, what would you like that to be? CM: There was nothing fun about it. I don’t relish any moment of it. I don’t look at that and say “winner” or “loser,” whatever the case may be. It was an ugly moment in my life that I want to forget. And I hope that I never have to deal with that again. It’s not fun. It’s not nice. There’s nothing to be proud of there. And the endgame was that’s the way I had to handle what was. That’s all.

CB: Knowing how much you hate the kind of person you were at the time, did you have any hesitation in doing Watch What Happens: Live with Teresa? CM: I am who I am and I know that there are those that love me and I know that there are those out there that don’t. But at the end of the day, I have to walk into my home and look at my husband and my children and my mom and my dad and say, “I hope you’re proud of me.” And that’s all I care about. When I have to tell my truth, I always tell my truth even if I’m ugly. If it makes me ugly, at least I can say, “You know what? I acted horribly and it had to be said.” Life isn’t lollipops and roses. Life sometimes sucks, right? Sometimes you’re in a rotten situation, but I will never make excuses for it.

CB: Do you see any possibility of reconciliation with Teresa? CM: I have a very clear understanding of what is. There could be forgiveness if it’s asked. I’m big enough to say that I was rude and obnoxious and very hard on [Teresa], which I was. But, that’s the level she brought me to. But, you still haven’t apologized for what you’ve done to any of us, not just me, to any of us. And until there’s a real legitimate apology, I’m not interested. So, why would I go back into the lion’s den? I said what I had to say. I was very blunt and very matter of fact in what I had to say. I don’t regret it. I regret that I had to do it, but I don’t regret those words because my conscience is clear now and I’m good. I don’t need to go back there. Why would I do that?

CB: To be clear, what is it you believe Teresa should apologize for? CM: I just don’t think she treated her family and friends with any kind of dignity or respect. And I think that’s sad, because everybody was there for her.

CB: Last episode, viewers watched as Joe said some pretty nasty things about Teresa while on the phone with some mystery person. What was it like being there for that? CM: We watched and learned when you guys did. None of us knew about that phone call. We were all puzzled about what they were doing in the vineyard. We knew something was going on that was somewhat inappropriate in the vineyard. But as far as the phone call, not one of the cast knew the content of that phone call. I think without a doubt it changed the mood of the entire night, because regardless of my feelings for Teresa, I don’t think any human being should be spoken to like that. I think it’s just wrong.

I thought it was very sad. I don’t care who the couple was. No one should be spoken to like that. And I just thought it was wrong and it was in very poor taste. I thought it was bad. It’s sad, because there was a time when she had a group of people around her that would have rallied for her.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sundays at 10 PM on Bravo.

What are your thoughts on Caroline's feud with Teresa? Sound off in the comments section below.




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  • Maddalena

    The worst of the gang is Caroline Manzo ... Her daughter is just like her....the daughter from hell. Bad manners,vulgar,not respectful odf others,backstabbing piece of shit. I feel sorry for Vito Scala...the poor guy does not know what he is himself into. Albie and Howdy duty are lazy bums. Then it comes cousin Kathy...the double cross...theugly of the bunch... Melissa is a joke.. Jacqueline is carzy... Teresa is the only one that makes sense....she's good and smart....

  • Maddalena

    Melissa and midget Joe are not cute....they are 2 horrible people in search how to destroy Teresa and her family.This little guy called his sister ''garbage''.Shame on you Joe....teach your wife to keep her and your clothes on....You2 have NO CLASS.

  • Maddalena

    The Housewives of New Jersey is the worst show on television.Teresa's family life has been destroyed. Kathy Wakile has become a terrible human being...her sister is a treat to Teresa....Melissa is a joke...Caroline will go to hell ...Laurita is going to a mental instituion....and Lauren will get HEAVY AGAIN. PS Caroline don't you ever think that you are ''BETTER'' then Teresa Giudice....because you are NOT. I feel for Albie's girlfriend...she must run for her life...NOW....also this goes for VITO SCALA or Scalia.

  • kat

    Does Caroline the whiner EVER shut up? NO ONE CARES about her opinions. Get some nice in your life.

  • union hard
    union hard


  • Sherry

    Caroline is the biggest bully bossy as hell;and vindictive. She hares herself On season 4 as well she should. Even though she is the same every season. There is always "someone"out to get her but she is the out to mess up everyone. She's a hateful person who Needs help. Her poor children. She Claims to be a good mother all the time but her kids making money for her is more important than their happiness. Lindsay should run. For the hills! That's what the viewers think of her Highness Caroline. hell

  • mary thacker
    mary thacker

    no, i would not waste my money on any fraud "real housewife of anywhere" cookbook. These women have never been a real housewife and pay other real women to do all the work for them and therein lies the joke behind all these shows. These women have so overindulged their families and themselves that they have to expose all their dirty laundry and obvious indebtness and spoiled brats just in order to attempt to get out of the incredible debts. Caroline is so common that it is a joke. She is a typical Italian Mother, thinks she is superior and expects to be treated as such; must have absolute control over everyone in her "family." (As is Teresa) That cute little cheerleader friend of Albie's should run for the hills as I am sure every previous girlfriend did

  • patty

    Kathy knew what she was doing. I think the way carolne and her were tag teaming theresa was cruel. I find it interesting that they critisized her for keeping to herself and not sharing her woes .,then Caroline accuses her of playing the victem when T says she's had a rough year! I'm so happy I don't have friends or family like that.

  • kat

    Caroline is a vile snake. She says she just tells it like it is, but that doesn't give her the right to treat people the way she does. I would buy her book only if there was a toilet paper shortage, then I would repurpose the book. Caroline is "gahbage" as a person.

  • Cola

    Excuse me? 'she is going through an awful lot of personal problems at this time and chooses not to share with others because, maybe it’s too embarrassing and confidential; that IS her choice" Oh really? Too embarrassing... confidential? Truly you jest? This cow can't wait to sling the business of others around yet when it comes to her, everyone 'who loves her' is supposed to back off from the 'queen' and not say on word about her issues. Sorry but I disagree. And also.... 'Theresa does have a good heart and needs to get a break'??? So what 'break' would that be, hmmm? Perhaps a 'mental' evaluation? Now THAT I'd agree to.

  • Sunny

    Kathy's fooling herself by thinking the viewers are buying her "nice guy" act. She stirs the pot in a passive agressive way & it's the only way she gets camera time. With a cousin like this, who needs enemas. oops, I meant enemies. ;-) Melissa and Joe are cute and cool. What does Teresa see in her loser husband? *perplexed*

  • Sunny

    Who knows what's going on with Caroline..she's acting really WEIRD. Her internal rage is unpleasant to watch. I always preferred Caroline but now, she's thinks much too highly of herself. She truly believes she's "better". The way she speaks to Teresa is terrible. Teresa apologized several times for doing something that wasn't such a big deal. Caroline has blown it up like a dramatic diva. People screw up, they make mistakes. *shrugs* Move along.Teresa apologized several times. Caroline behaved like an indulgent, spoiled brat. If she keeps that up, she'll lose her other friends and family. No one sided with her. She doesn't need another apology, she needs a therapist. A good one.

  • Matilde

    this woman is satan in the flesh................. Caroline Manzo HELL is waiting for you

  • Skrap


  • TC

    those that want to pretend that theresa is a saint, because SHE says so, really need to understand life. when one STABS family in the back (as she did to the 'cast' prior to them getting to meet and than KNOWING Joe and Melissa as well as Kathy Wakile - her cousin) they OWE it to the family to apologize, not lie - woman up and tell the truth. clearly theresa lies about everything. the bankruptcy hearings alone and all the pleadings and court filings PROVED that ! they - her and her loudmouth, obnoxious husband - try to compete with her brother and his wife, Melissa. theresa has a VERY unhealthy attraction to her brother and it is apparent in every show. she talks about how he needs to put her first .. really? how many of you would stay with your husbands if they put their sister and her loudmouth husband BEFORE you and your children? hmm.. ? be honest! Joe clearly has no idea what is wrong with his sister and just watching those interviews where she - always in denial - says that HE needs help, because before he got married to HER they were close. Well that is what husbands do : they BOND to their wife. THAT is what God intended. theresa made her bed with her obnoxiour husband, she can wallow in it. Caroline owes NOTHING in the way of an apology to theresa - theresa has lied SO much to one and all and Caroline knows a LOT about what theresa has lied about. any psych watching could diagnose theresa as disassociated personality disorder, it IS clear. she is a compulsive liar, is amoral, and has delusions of granduer. sadly, those girls are growing up and being tainted. the eldest, Gia, has made MANY negative comments, caught on film that have aired, about her aunt Melissa. shame shame shame on the guidices for allowing that and for airing such things as their hatred and petty jealously for the gorga's marrage and love for one another. she alway blames others for her actions, and yes, it is VERY apparent. there is so much behind the scenes going on and its sad. I truly hope they just cxl all these shows, because it gives sociopaths like theresa and her husband an outlet. writing a book using others reciepes is NOT original and I guess a woman has to do what a woman has to do because her waste of space man WON'T .. all one has to think about is he stabbed his OWN brother in the back, and NO, theresa DID know that her husband assumed his own brothers identity to get a license. WHO does that? and who stays in a sham of a marriage? well .. theresa. anything for her - again - delusions of grandeur and remaining on tv ..

  • bubblegum

    Exposing Chucky's true nature is the only good thing Kathy has done, even if she didn't mean to do it.

  • bubblegum

    Everyone who supports Caroline speaks in vague generalities. What has Teresa ever done to Caroline? NOTHING.

  • bubblegum

    Caroline needs to stay out of Teresa's business with her family. How she interacts with Joey, Mel and Kathy is none of Caroline's business. Caroline was even trying to take credit for the progress that Teresa made with her brother. Caroline you are like Jill: You need a hobby!!

  • bubblegum

    Also, Caroline lied when she said that she heard Teresa telling her mother evil things about Joey. Hello, Teresa talks to her parents in Italian, a language Caro does not speak. This whole thing just backfired on Caroline, and she has been exposed for the Bitter Clown that she is.

  • bubblegum

    Caroline says she could reconcile with Teresa "if forgiveness is asked"? Teresa only apologized about ten times, and Caro still wants another apology? I think Caroline is the one who needs to apologize!!! Caro is a total nutcase. She's delusional. Teresa is smart to stay away from her.

  • misszippity

    I want to thank Kathy for instigating this in the hot tub, because now we ALL see Caroline for exactly the horrible woman she is as stated many times above. Thanks, Kath, and please take that nauseating husband of yours and go - so glad you aren't my jealous, backstabbing, pretending to be a peacemaker behind the back cousin.

  • Enjoy Teresa
    Enjoy Teresa

    Caroline is an uneducated ugly human being and she needs to be axed from any show. I can't stand her and I have to say I do enjoy Teresa. I watched the Appentic this year just to see Teresa, she makes good television.

  • marilyn

    Caroline is just plain jealous of Theresa! If anyone had ever done to my child what her and Jacqueline did to Gia at that cookout, it would be long gone all over for them. And to make matters worst Caroline predicts that Gia is going to have problems. You would think that her own dumb bells are perfect. Theresa needs friends who are not jealou!

  • Ma

    Yes Teresa does have a horrible time getting her thoughts out...that's what gets her in trouble. Things come out wrong and she then try's to explain them right. Caroline is a disgrace. She thinks she is so much better than everyone else. The things she said about Al jr. girlfriend was terrible. (that she better not get in the way of business and that he does not need a girlfriend now) did her in laws say that about her ... Lauren is also a big mouth she needs to learn to mind her own business with her brothers,and the fight so what no one was defending her .Teresa was all by herself in that ugly mess that caroline started . She ruined the night for everyone. as far as the rest of them (Kathy too) they all talk about each other .Jaqueline and her husband are the only two that have any dignity. Kathy can say evil things about Teresa and then play the role of victim. Teresa needs to be a women of few words because she is always putting her foot in her mouth(I don't think it is to be mean thou). Caroline is truly evil .


    Gee "Ginny"....or could we say Teresa? You've are just as obnoxious as her.....GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!


    Is this a serious post?? Do you actually "watch" the show, or is this just Teresa's dumb a$$ posting again? You must live in the same space as Teresa to think that nobody could be upset with her words...or as you call it "spewed hatred". Your a joke and probably have no friends yourself if your willing to gossip this way. Besides, I highly doubt you have an "inside" on the Manzo's...so keep your unwanted trash talk in your home.

  • LYBV091385

    Teresa is kind of a sick person, the way she doesn't see reality , wants everybody to see her life perfect. Her husband is horrible, i don't know why she doesn't see that , she seems sick by the way she reacts to everything

  • Susan

    I personally like everyone...they all have their different styles and I appreciate...women are women..however...Theresa 's husband...i was rooting for him but then I heard him speak that way of his wife....he should get slap across his face and worse...

  • kathy S.
    kathy S.

    Carolyn is just miserable and has too much time on her hands. She has to be mad at someone. When Danielle was on the show she made it seem like she was close to teresa. Caroline is a liar, fraud, disgrace and a very ugly person, why would someone's sister not speak to them for so long I believe she jealous of Teresa, because everything she says she doesnt like she turns around and does the same thing. Is this how a Matriarch is supposed to act. everyone needs to watch the old seasons until now and see all of the lies caroline has told. What was said in a cookbook and in magazines is not enough to hate someone this much. Caroline is just miserable because the only thing she has ever done was raise thos e kids and she didnt do that good because why would a grown daughter still be jealous of her brothers. The tears at the end were fake because she knew she had went too far.

  • kathy S.
    kathy S.

    If Carolyn was ever a true friend she would understand that teresa is going through alot. Carolyn is the biggest hypocrite thats why she wants to burn season 4. She talks about familly but tried to turn Kathy against teresa, because why would she point out that Teresa was excluding her. carolyn was willing to overlook Teresa on the trip until Jaceline made up with Teresa so then thats why she was upset and tried to turn Kathy against her. Carolyn is so fake and eventually her kids will see the truth and turn against her like Dina. Thats why Albert wasn't saying anything because he knew she was wrong. Then after the argument she tried to tell Melissa and Kathy how teresa had talked about them but that was years ago when they were'nt speaking. She just trying to make them mad at her again. Carolyn used to be my favorite but Now I see how she is a liar and manipulater.

  • harvardgradphd

    That being said, I would not welcome having a 'friend' like Teresa Judas. I mean 'Guidice'...no matter how many times she changes her preference in pronunciation just the fact that she can never remember how to pronunciate her own name smacks of shallowness and snobbery. Her complete inability to recognize even the fundamental fact that she has held these other women to a much higher standard than she requires from herself is enough for me to spend a lifetime of keeping women like her (and women who like her) out of my life! At least Caroline Manzo isn't afraid to show us who she really is, flaws and all, and for that I can respect her and even cheer for her every Sunday night. Teresa is way too concerned about keeping up appearances and hiding the ugly in her life which speaks volumes of truth about her character. This is an integral difference between these two women, both far from perfect. Manzo shows us truth, all Guidice shows us is textbook Delusional.

  • Vicky

    Good grief!. Caroline Manzo is a nut case! What is she so mad about? She is so blinded with jealousy towards Teresa, for whatever reason. She is a vindictive person who has started this whole argument over NOTHING. She instigated tonight's argument. In the show's opening statements, she says she hates drama. WHAT? SHE IS drama! She loves it and lives for it. When she is asked a legitimate question during interviews, she goes into a confusing roundabout monologue and says nothing. She is desparate for air-time and relevance, which she has none. She used the word "boring" in her argument. Well, she IS boring, her whole family is BORING. They bring nothing to the show. Time for them to go. Her family are such losers that she really SHINES amongst them and now that she is on TV, she wants to come across as this smart, "tell it like it is" woman. To me, she comes across as a jealous, spiteful woman. Unfortunately (for HER), she has underestimated Teresa (and others) as she feels she is smarter than they are. She should be ashamed of herself and embarrased by her behavior on national TV. Is she so worried she won't be asked back to HWNY? I can't think of any other reason for a grown woman to act like such a fool. Please, BRAVO.. take her off this show, she has outlived her welcome. And, send along her odd sons (are they or aren't they GAY?) and ultra-jealous daughter.

  • harvardgradphd

    if you want to be a true human woman then spell like one! I don't know about the women posting here but the educated women I know are hardpressed in taking seriously any idea or opinion that is neither well thought out nor correctly executed. If I put to use my well-connected husband, how many of you will I find know Teresa Guidice? Too late...I already know.

  • feelingfree

    Caroline is getting a bum rap. I think she's simply the type who can't sit back and keep playing nice, knowing that a "friend" is a user and a liar. When Teresa's family first arrived, Caroline went to bat for her with Kathy, insisting that she NOT be put in the middle and urged the family to work things out. Teresa is a media wh*** with a short-term memory. I knew Teresa was shady when Danielle blew her out of the water on the Reunion show. Caroline is no hag, she's up front and center with her true feelings. Just keep watching....it won't be long before Teresa turns on Melissa and Jacqueline again and self-destruct.

  • Lisa MaconRamirez
    Lisa MaconRamirez

    I used to watch this problem and it was ok, but then they started all this fighting arguing and you think you are better than me crap I was done, that's why I don't watch the other house wives, I started off with orange county and when they all turned on jenna I was done, it's reality tv and of course we all know none of this is real, they all want their 15 minutes of fame, so we all can sit and argue until we turn blue in the face, but theresa needs to leave her husband they showed on national tv that he don't care about her and if he talks like this on tv he talks like this all the time, but hey if she want to be dumb so be it.

  • Ginny

    I agree with you, Elizabeth. Caroline is way out of line and Theresa does have a good heart.

  • Ginny

    Theresa may not be the "brightest star on the Christmas tree", but she is going through an awful lot of personal problems at this time and chooses not to share with others because, maybe it's too embarrassing and confidential; that IS her choice. Theresa does have a good heart and needs to get a break. The bullying by Caroline is out of control.

  • JenM

    Caroline is not a "true friend." She and her clingy offspring bashed Joe and Teresa through the entire last season and the current one. If that was being a friend, Caroline can keep her brand of friendship. I wouldn't trust her at all.

  • Ginny

    I agree, Jane. Caroline is out to "get" Theresa because she and Dina are good friends. Caroline has roped in Melissa, Jacqueline and Cathy to get even with Theresa. It's called "jealousy" and "insecurity". Caroine is not so secure as she pretends to be.

  • Ginny

    Give Theresa a break. Everyone is on her case. Could it be "jealousy"?

  • Kat Girl
    Kat Girl

    As usual, Caroline Manzo is 100 percent right! Teresa has some real emotional problems and targets everyone she supposedly cares for (take a jealousy pill Tre). Teresa takes NO accountability for any of her actions and poor choices. I have waited two years for someone to lay it down for Teresa to understand...and she still is too dumb to get it. How can someone behave as she does (spending, sexual displays, causes family turmoil, foul language) and actually believe that she is a good mother and model for her young children? Caroline...you are a top notch person, mother and wife!!!

  • Jane Skacan
    Jane Skacan

    Watching this show this season is like watching a train wreck. Kathy, Jaqueline and Melissa are so sweet. Caroline has turned into a bully and Theresa is fun to watch, because she is nuts. I think that Caroline's anger with Theresa involves the Dina situation and she is out to get her because of that. The reunion show should be interesting!

  • Ginny

    Wow, Alice, you said it ALL. I totally agree. Caroline has a lot to say about other people's children but her kids are the biggest loosers and babies going.

  • Ginny

    i agree with you, Deborah. Caroline is a big troublemaker and she should worry about her own family. Her kids are very irresponsible and childish and she is too much into their lives. If they are over 21, they should act it. Theresa has her hands full with a mean husband and very active little children. She wants family, and I think Cathy and Melissa should try harder to keep the peace and not talk about Theresa to Caroline.

  • Alice M, Wilt
    Alice M, Wilt

    Carolyn is a trouble maker and thinks her opinion is the only right opinion. Her kids are real losers and why can't her boys drive the vacation bus or even a car, strange??? Chris acts like a stupid jackass, Albie is what? Can't figure it out but that girl is surely not his girlfriend that was probably set up by MOMMY! Lauren needs to get a life. Mommy & Daddy support all three of them and they have the nerve to critisize Ashley, she is 18 yrs. old! Why does Jacqueline allow them to say nasty things about her daughter??

  • Ginny

    I agree; Caroline is snooty, and thinks she is above all.

  • Ginny

    I used to like Caroline, but I've noticed a big change in her. Maybe she is going through "the change". All I know is no one is perfect, but it seems that Caroline continually trashes Theresa and wants everyone else to dislike her too. Very sad. Theresa and Jackie are friends and I think they want very much to continue their friendship. Melissa and Theresa should continue to work on their relationship; they are family. Cathy should not continue to go "back and forth" between Theresa and Caroline; she is not loyal to anyone. I feel sad for Theresa. There is a lot going on her in life and she doesn't have to share with anyone her personal life if she chooses not too. It seems everyone is concerned about Theresa's personal life, but no one talks about theirs.

  • Elizabeth

    Once again Carolyn the THUG strikes!!!!! She is nothing more than a bitter, jealous, mean spirited bully. She allows her children to disrespect their elders, talks trash about her own daughter and has a false sense of who she is. And that nervous smile?!....well loose it because it makes you that much more unattractive. Note -- already unattractive because of your filthy vile mouth and then add that smile and whew...off we go....UGLY x 10

  • Canelli

    Theresa is the best housewife ever, honest beautiful, sexy, classy, very intelligent and human and emotional and a great mother and husband, no wonder why everyone is jealous of here, specially that wanna be mob-wife boring Caroline. Caroline gets so mad because Theresa is the proffered NJ housewife to 80% of the viewers. Caroline is a snake, shes the disgusting one

  • Lo

    I think Caroline wants to turn everyone against Theresa, I believe she is jealous that everyone has forgiven Theresa and she doesn't want that. Losing Caroline off the show would be a plus, she is very boring.

  • Lo

    Caroline is a troublemaker

  • Minxcoat

    I am NOT a fan of Teresa and I see Caroline's ORIGINAL point. I'm over it. At this point Caroline is just a bully - and she IS DEFINATELY passive/aggressive with the other girls. A bit too self-righteous for my taste. In the wise words of Billy Vera, "sometimes to keep it together, you've got to leave it alone". I'm losing interest in this show fast -

  • Deborah Thomas
    Deborah Thomas

    Caroline Manzo is a jerk! She needs to shut up and quit trying to influence Teresa's cousin and sister-in-law. She has enough problems within her own family. There has to be a reason Dina doesn't like Carolina any more.

  • Liz H,
    Liz H,

    I cannot believe anyone would believe Theresa. She is totally out of control trying to take control of the other housewives life. Theresa keeps the argument going by going to the other housewives and stirring up to get people on her side. Theresa's sorry is not real. Caroline is a true friend and a good person. Theresa lies. If you watch the episodes, you will see how Theresa flip flops her answers. As far as her husband, it is terrible how he speaks to her. I doubt he really wants to be with her. Theresa is in for a terrible fall when she comes to reality. I feel sorry for the rest of the housewives. God Bless, Caroline, Kathy, Melissa and Jacqueline. Theresa is a joke.

  • real nj italian
    real nj italian

    Caroline is a bitch and she is not a true Italian!! IF you want to be a true italian women than act like one!!

  • Serena

    I think Caroline Manzo is a snippy holier-than-thou old hag, who should worry about her own lazy children. Teresa Giudice is a confused self-centered person, who knows no better than to stick with her abusive husband. But Caroline is definitely the worst of the entire bunch of ladies.

  • TCB

    You and Therese deserve each other. TRASH IS TRASH!


    Theresa is a HORRIBLE human being. Plain and simple. She is a narcissistic rude ignorant selfish fool. Im glad Caroline went after her. She deserves it. Everyone else tip toes around her cuz they dont like the fall out. The WOE IS ME attitude she gives. Theresa is the fraud. She does not write any of her cookbooks. Talk to her ghost writer. Theresa even said ( in season one ) she is HORRIBLE at getting her thoughts out. And her husband is a con man convict who is headed for ten years in prison.For a man to call his wife a Bit ch and a C U next tuesday that is HORRIFYING How does she explain that one to her children? And to RUN after him BEGGING for sex is just gross.. Ill take Caroline every single day of the week over this trash bag.

  • lindaconner84

    Caroline believes that Theresa has been ugly with her? Are you kidding me? Re-watch every show and see how she demeans and "trashes" Theresa at every opportunity. Caroline is a bitter, disgusting, human being. She is also a liar. She calls her own daughter an "a...hole" and threatens Theresa on National T.V. My husband will destroy you? Who does she think she is, or who does she think her husband is? Last time a Manzo made a threat, he ended up in the back of a trunk. Caroline has raised ignorant and disrespectful off-spring. Just look at anything her shallow daughter says. Her "boys" are still living off of their parent's dime, and are uneducated and flunked out of school. Come on? Caroline believes Theresa owes her an apology? She is pathetic. She spews hatred and is jealous....Also, she only likes people when they have money, but she forgets that the only reason that she has anything is because her husband's father left them a business that they are currently running into the ground. How many liens has there been against her business, how many credit cards has she not paid? I rather buy newspaper after its been used to pick up dog "sh(&^&(^! than to every endorse anything by this FAKE and FRAUD and corrupt human being.