Enrique Iglesias Drops 'Finally Found You' and Unveils Single Cover (AUDIO & PHOTO)

Enrique Iglesias
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Chances are it won't take long before Enrique Iglesias' new single "Finally Found You" becomes that song you can't seem to get out of your head.

The dance-pop track -- featuring rapper Sammy Adams -- will be featured on the Latin singer’s upcoming album, and if the rest of the record sounds like "Finally Found You," Iglesias might have yet another hit on his hands.

Listen to "Finally Found You" after the jump. 

“In this crazy world the choice is ours, only got a few / either you’re coming with me or I’m coming with you / ’cause I finally found, I finally found you,” Iglesias croons on the track. The rest of the lyrics are now available on DirectLyrics.

The single will be on iTunes in the U.S. on September 25, as the singer hits the road with Jennifer Lopez for their Summer Tour 2012.



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  • Moza

    Well J Pop is all about opinions ,like foatboll. I don't think Maimi is attractive at all ,quite masculine in fact especially compared to Saki or Airi but I do acknowledge she's a geat dancer and singer.

  • Cristiano

    Indeed as per the photos they had up a big sign at "Italian Week", thgouh I fail to see what is remotely suburban about boulevard St-Laurent between St-Zotique and Jean-Talon. Sure, some of the people attending were from suburbs, but that is true of all CITY events.

  • Shoilee Maiti
    Shoilee Maiti

    the song is tooooooooooo guuuud.....

  • racksssss

    lill kike,....cho cutwwww........awsum song.....awsum cover <3 <3 <3

  • Angela

    It sucks as usual a pure autotune, everybody can do that and make money and you guys know it deep down inside you.

  • Vimal

    chho cute! This track rocks.. Luv u enrique!

  • Kashaf Raza
    Kashaf Raza

    ohhh my god....he is so damn cute... :* :* :*

  • Atena Dawiczyk
    Atena Dawiczyk

    Why when he was little? At some point in your life when you either feel down or or extremely happy (doesn't happen very often) you go back to the time when you felt free, loved, complacent and when the little things made you happy and put the smile on your face. eveything in your life was still so innocent and you wouldn't have to worried what the future got for you, as the future was always the current day. It looks like someone have to make decidion- what's next, and the kid time gives relief. It's so good to feel like that ;-)

  • Mindziu

    Little prince ;-)

  • phub

    so damn cute...love him

  • Lindsay

    There is a lion in the original photo, I would of loved to see cover including the lion. IMO

  • Zubair Shaikh Rz
    Zubair Shaikh Rz

    Always a Pleasure listening to his music

  • Lora Cuniberti
    Lora Cuniberti

    Awwwe very sweet ..very unexpected love it tho!

  • Diana Smaic
    Diana Smaic

    yeah very nice but why when he like little boy?

  • Yasmine Sabry
    Yasmine Sabry

    nice <3 <3