Justin Bieber's Ex Jasmine V Gets Teary-Eyed During Emotional Interview, Talks Domestic Abuse (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Jasmine Villegas has revealed that she was the victim of domestic violence in her last relationship.

The 18-year-old, who is perhaps best known as Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend (and as the Biebs' love interest in his popular “Baby” video), recently released a new single called “Didn’t Mean It.”

And the song's video is an eye-opener.

The clip features graphic images of the singer being slapped and dragged by her hair, as she screams at the top of her lungs for help (in the video, her ex-boyfriend is portrayed by an unidentified actor).

Now, Villegas is discussing the emotional relationship with Celebuzz in her first in-person interview about the ordeal. And after shedding a tear during the interview, she told us, "I've never talked about this in person. I'm surprised I got so choked up."

Villegas then revealed how she finally got out of her violent relationship and offered her advice for other girls who are in the same position.

Click play on the video above for our exclusive sit-down with Jasmine. And if you’re in a violent relationship, get help at LoveisRespect.org.



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  • imogen

    i like this im celebrity i like all the popstar then my favorite is justin bieber and selena gomez jasmine villegas and briana jean

  • Jojo

    I hate that jinsu did that seriously Jasmine is so pretty :)

  • mm

    @ace, you're an idiot.

  • Jen

    They were definitely trying to spin this to look like Justin did it to get more views on the article...

  • Ace

    That's what happens when you take black dick.

  • Keyarra ThaProblem Edwards
    Keyarra ThaProblem Edwards

    CeleBuzz should reword this lol it sounds looks like as if it was Justin but it was Justin who abused her it was Jinsu

  • rico

    im supised yu didnt abuse him hahaha

  • chal

    I'm happy you got out of that situation. God bless you Jasmine and I wish you the best.

  • Lindsay

    First of all, it wasn't Justin who was abusive, it was Jinsu -.-

  • boo

    Hey weirdo, go away. Obviously this article is going to attract 13-18 year olds and what you're trying to say is wrong, disgusting, and perverted. Go away.

  • Lola

    Poor Jasmine :( But Her ex boyfriend who beat her wasnt Justin it was jinsu!

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