Kim Kardashian Is a Vintage Vixen in Sexy New Shoot (PHOTOS)

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Kim Kardashian is channeling her inner burlesque beauty.

The 31-year-old went from reality star to silver screen vixen of yesteryear in a vintage-inspired photo shoot. Sporting nothing but a fur coat, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians bombshell upped the sexiness with a messy bedhead hairstyle thanks to celebrity stylist Chris McMillan.

Who else has McMillan styled?

McMillan is the hair mastermind behind Miley Cyrus', 19, edgy new punk pixie cut.

However, it wasn't only Kardashian’s hair that got a makeover, but her nails as well.

“Loving my new nude nails,” Kim told fans on her blog.

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  • maryanne

    She is soooo homily, SHE'D STOP TIME>>>>>>>>

  • nicole

    wow, she's looking just like melissa molaniro!

  • Glenn

    What is your obsession with this person? She's nothing.

  • Bev

    Just act like a lady instead of being somebody your not. Or maybe you are?

  • itsmaan

    so beautiful girl

  • foxy

    not my favorite person . its ok i have seen better pics of her

  • Amimal Defender
    Amimal Defender

    Fur Hag


    I 100% agree with you Gaby!

  • Brieck CorleoneEplei ArttooBugatta
  • jessika

    i dont now why u said provocative? she looks so beatiful very elegant in this pic im not a big fan of her but this pic is very pretty

  • Gaby

    I think Kim is in a stage in her life that she is more comfortable with her body and self. so if she feel like showing some leg or what ever she like more power to her I love you Kim. :)

  • gina

    that's a pretty picture

  • abmeen4688

    Why do you dress so provocative now?? Not the same Kim that I used to admire... :(