Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Former 'Dancing With the Stars' Costar Audrina Patridge Responds to Hope Solo Claims (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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When Olympic star Hope Solo partnered with pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Dancing with the Stars in Season 13 last year, he hit her stomach and slapper her -- according to the gold medalist.

That couldn't be true, at least in the eyes of Mak's Season 11 costar Audrina Patridge.

"Maks can be aggressive... (but) I wouldn't every say he'd ever hit anyone," the ex-The Hills star told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview.

“He just knows what he wants and that’s just his personality," explained the 27-year-old, who was teamed with pro Tony Dovolani in 2010. (Chmerkovskiy danced with R&B and pop recording artist Brandy during that same series.)

"He’s very blunt and he knows what he wants -- he wants to do good. He’s not grey, he’s either black and white.”

Added Patridge: "He can be really sweet too."

The Olympian recounted the brutal rehearsals in her memoir, Solo: A Memoir of Hope — and last week, she opened up about her experience with Chmerkovskiy on Chelsea Lately.

Solo said she didn’t physically respond to Chmerkovskiy’s slap because of the cameras, fearing that the final edit would make her look like “the bad guy.”

Instead, she took off her mic “and threw it and left the studio.”

Chmerkovski has denied Solo's allegations completely.

According to Patridge, all DWTS professionals -- not just Chmerkovskiy -- have one thing on their minds: to take home the mirror ball trophy.

“They’re all very competitive,” she told Celebuzz. “They want to win.”

Regardless of the controversy, Chmerkovskiy will be back on the dance floor partner with Kirstie Alley for season 15, where for the first time ever, previous contestants will return to the ballroom to vie for the coveted mirror ball trophy.

As ABC has announced, Olympians and former "DWTS" winners Apolo Ohno (Season 4) and Shawn Johnson (Season 8) will compete, along with fellow champs from seasons' past: former 98 Degrees member Drew Lachey (Season 2), former Dallas Cowboy star Emmitt Smith (Season 3), Brazilian race car driver Helio Castroneves (Season 5) and soap star Kelly Monaco (Season 1).

Actresses Pamela Anderson (Season 10) and Kirstie Alley (Season 12), French actor and finalist Gilles Marini (Season 8) and former 'N Sync singer Joey Fatone (Season 4), are also among those selected.

Bristol Palin (Season 11), daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin -- and TV personality Melissa Rycroft (Season 8) -- round out the pack.

Patridge admitted to Celebuzz she was "a little bit" disappointed not to have been selected, noting it was "challenging and fun" and she would have done it again "in a heartbeat.”



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  • patsy

    She's on an attention hype because of the Olympics and figures since this is the only time she'll get attention for the next 4 years, she should use the opportunity to talk.

  • drunkanddisorderly

    Maksim appears to be overly indulged and incredibly arrogant. His attitude transcends the air waves and as viewers it is easy to see he is a conceited bitch. I have stopped watching the show, a few seasons back, he is the primary reason for this viewers absence! Fire his alien ass, send him back to his "country"...this USA doesn't need any more assholes...even ones that can shake their pitiful feminine looking asses!!!

  • gatorfan0706

    I don't believe her. "Solo said she didn’t physically respond to Chmerkovskiy’s slap because of the cameras, fearing that the final edit would make her look like “the bad guy.”If this happened would you be thinking of the camera and how it would make you look...I don't think so. I know I wouldn't I would be to upset/mad to be thinking of the cameras or how it would make me look. Also I would not continue to have a relationship with this person if this were true does not make any sense. It's not like she was married to him and couldn't get away from him like women who are really in abusive relationships.

  • Bree

    She's just trying to sell her book; Hope, that is. If she was abused by Maks, she could have quit the show at any time. Would she have gone to lunch with him ,and walked arm-in-arm like they were best friends, if these allegations were true? Hanging out after hours wasn't a stipulation in her contract, and if she was being abused, she wouldn't have chosen to be with him (outside of the studio). Hope also threw a former coach under the bus too. She made some nasty comments about him and he has also denied the allegations. In my opinion, she's not just an Olympic Gold Medalist, she's an opportunist.

  • Ert

    I don't believe Hope Solo AT ALL. Olympics are over, shes not on this season and is just searching for a way to get attention.

  • jusoleme

    I like Audrina but I think she's out of line making a statement about this when she wasn't there. She doesn't know for a fact that Maks didn't rought Hope up and saying that being so tempermental is "just his personality" is a moot's a part of ALL abusers' personalities. Maks can be rude and abrasive...we've all seen it. The producers need to make it clear to him that he behaves or he can take his talent and bad attitude with him when he leaves.

  • Suzy

    Would love to see Audrina on DWTS again! Was bummed when she didn't get picked for this new season. I thought she got robbed during her season, she was doing so well. Audrina for All Star Season 2!

  • Andie Thewestie
    Andie Thewestie

    More Bullshit. The producers are hacks hiding behind former contestants. Come out from your hole and tell the truth Conrad.

  • denver50

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