Prince Harry Shuts Down His 'Spike Wells' Facebook Account Following Nude Photo Scandal

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In the wake of his nude photo scandal, Prince Harry is losing friends — at least, on Facebook.

Nearly a week after cheeky photos of the royal cavorting in Las Vegas spread the web like wildfire, the third-in-line to the British throne has frozen his Facebook profile.

Harry had apparently been on the social media site for the last four years under the pseudonym "Spike Wells," according to several reports. On the account, the party prince would post pictures and comment on his pals’ activities.

But now the redheaded royal has signed off Facebook for the last time.

Why? Prince Harry reportedly said goodbye to his web alter-ego in hopes of avoiding more scandal-spurring snaps hitting the web, according to The Daily Beast.

It all comes after a camera caught the royal rogue cavorting nude with a mystery woman in his private Las Vegas suite. In two blurred photos published by TMZ, Queen Elizabeth‘s 27-year-old grandson is seen covering his crown jewels as he clings to a nearly naked female.

According to the site, the snaps were taken after Harry and his pals went down to the hotel bar and invited some women, who have not been identified, to their VIP suite at the Wynn Hotel for a game of strip billiards.

As his bare backside continues to cause a commotion, Harry has been lying low. But apparently, the nude photos are soon to be the lease of his worries.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the prince’s headline-hitting scandal involves “something pretty gigantic” that resort is investigating.

As of yet, the Palace has remained quiet.

What more trouble could Prince Harry have stirred up? Sound off in comments.

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  • Rylist

    But everyone knew he was Spike Wells. I never really thought there were people who didn't know Bruce Wayne is Batman and Clark Kent is Superman but I guess so. duh!

  • Ms Fran
    Ms Fran

    He's an adult.. he can run around naked in a PRIVATE hotel suite if he wants to. Shame on you to whomever took that picture of him & sold it.


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