‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Recap: Stomping Sour Grapes

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Round 2000 of the merry-go-round involving Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice continued on Sunday’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Note: Spoilers if you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode, “Hot Tub Of Sour Grapes”

The last time we saw the New Jersey crew, they had all gathered together for a nice dinner to mark their last night in Napa. Everything seemed to be a-okay, until Tre decided to make a toast to her family and friends, but forgot all about cousin Kathy Wakile.

The half-baked toast didn’t go unnoticed by Caroline, who was shown steaming at the slight by Tre. Teresa’s little brother Joe Gorga suggested everyone climb into the hot tub to relax and enjoy their final night at the vineyard. Big mistake!

Big-hearted Kathy tried hard to get Tre to see the error of her ways in regards to the feud with Caroline. Teresa didn’t understand why Caroline froze her out. Let Tre tell it: She considered Caroline family, a big sister even. Yeah, because it’s so family-like to trash your “big sis” in a New York Times Bestselling cook book!

While Teresa and Kathy attempted to clear things up, Caroline, Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita and others listened. Was it really too much to ask for the cousins to go somewhere private to talk?

As Tre headed back to her room to get a new robe, Kathy tried yet again to have new friend Caroline and Teresa bury the hatchet. Caroline didn’t budge an inch. Tre returned and struggled to close the rift. Oh Tre, will you ever learn?

Caroline didn’t want to play nice and ripped Tre a new one for their drama being played out in the tabloids. Tre feigned innocence, saying she only sold covers and not stories. Huh?

We find it hard to believe Teresa has an established relationship with these magazines and has no recourse when it comes to setting the record straight. Tre begged for Caroline to believe her, but Mama Manzo didn’t want to hear the excuses Teresa threw her way.

The shocker of the night was when Lauren Manzo stood up to defend Caroline against all the garbage Tre had flung at their family, while Jacqueline, Melissa and Kathy sat on the sidelines. It was good to see Lauren have her mama’s back, but something tells us Caroline can handle herself!

As the episode wrapped , Caroline and Teresa’s relationship was still badly damaged . Who knows how bad things will get once the Giudices, Gorgas, Manzos, Lauritas and Wakiles make it back east.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Juicy Joe once again stuns all by confessing Teresa has a deal with InTouch Magazine to sell stories about family and friends.

Thank you, TV gods:Chris Laurita confronting Joe about he and Tre dogging him out to associates around town and in magazines.

Awk-ward: Teresa grabbing Kathy’s face so she can believe her side of the story. Uh, yeah a little “please believe me, Kathy” would’ve been much more effective.

Hotness:Joe Gorga stripping down into that hot tub. Yummy.

Fab-u-lous: Props to Melissa and Teresa for being bikini ready after having more than three kids.

Can. Not. Wait.:Dina Manzo returns! I’ve been missing her since she departed Season 1 and she can finally shed some light on why she and big sister Caroline are no longer “as thick as thieves.”

Celebuzz Meter(1-10): 7.5

Was Kathy wrong for trying to nudge Caroline and Teresa to end their feud? Whose side are you on, Tre or Caroline’s? Tell us in the section below.

— Jillian Bowe