Rob Kardashian Cries on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' Go-Karts With Rihanna (VIDEO AND PHOTOS)

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Rob Kardashian was reduced to tears Sunday night on what could go down as the most emotional episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to date.

Rob's breakdown escalated throughout the hour-long episode, after a series of arguments with his big sister, Kim, whom Rob felt was negatively impacting his career.

"Kim is literally the most selfish person here," he said, at one point, in a heated fight with Kim. "All she cares about is herself."

More on Rob's tears, and his frolic with Rihanna, below...

In attempt to ease tension within the household, Rob's sister, Khloe, got the idea to organize a family therapy session with Rob, 25, Kim, 31, sister Kourtney, 33, and mom Kris Jenner, 56.


During the session, Rob finally opened up, admitting he was unhappy with the way he was treated in the family business.

"My anger, a lot of it stems from the working environment," he explained to Dr. Nicki J. Monti, "Because they all put this cloud on me like I'm a loser. ... When there's a business opportunity, all my mom cares about is the three girls."

Shortly after, Rob left the room in tears.

Check out the emotional moment, above, then be sure to see how it all wraps up on next Sunday's episode.

Over the weekend, the former Dancing With the Stars competitor was also spotted riding go-karts with singer Rihanna in Burbank, Calif. The duo reportedly went out clubbing later that night in Hollywood. Check out photos from their day together, below.





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  • popfizz

    Remember too that he was the youngest when their dad died - only a teenager still in school. He had the least time to benefit from that relationship and, as a young man, he needed it most. Kim said, to illustrate how hard she's worked, her first job working for their dad at 18 or 19. Now Rob never got those opportunities! I'm sure Kim works hard but that's not all she's done to get where she is. The girls with their K-names all contribute to each others' success in a way that odd-one-out Rob doesn't. It's fair that they should help him out! Or I wish he'd become a lawyer like his dad.

  • Delachic

    its kinda normal to luv a child more than others but its cruel to alway make it obvious that even a fool wld recognise. Kris has 3000 other tins to tidy but didnt forget to reach out to kim, what a mum......i guess money comes first .kim seems to be her fav now cos she fetches her the kinda cash and fame she needs not like she really cared abt her deep down.i feel if ROB had the sex tape nd fake ass that got them kinda famous she wld have poured more luv on him, so i really felt bad yesday and i predicted d whole scenerio before it happened. i think Rob sld look for more business ideas ,then click to khole & Kourtney since the mum triggered the division in the home. i bet when Kris realizes what she has done it might be too late .....this is misplaced priority, yes financial security is ok but she can make all{including the love and peace}work as for kim she is worse than being selfish, she doesnt have a heart a woman is supposed to have. women are meant to be gentle and affectionate.Rob its time for you to be a man, so many made without their parents help tho it wont be easy but i believ with the family connection you can be that guy you dream of being.All this should make you sit up and be wiser cos time is ticking.

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  • Crystal

    Robert is looking for the same support from his mother. It is obvious that's not going to happen. Robert misses his bio dad...remember him folks? That doesn't mean Bruce can't step in, man up, and support his stepson in his ventures outside the 4Ks. For heavens sake, he is a motivational speaker, who has helped hundreds believe and follow dreams to become very successful. It's time for Robert to find his voice, dive into venture projects, and just accept the fact that Miss. Kris is not going to by his side. I found that out the hard way, when coming out of a double transplant surgery,MOM was nowhere to be found. The hospital is only 2 hours away from her home. I still can't talk/write about without my blood boiling over! Hang in there Robert.

  • QB

    While I disagree about her obvious beauty, I too was a bit mystified that she didn't react. Hell even Kourtney cried when she saw him upset. Kris has up a giant wall and she makes excuses but never apologizes for her behavior. I was really shocked.

  • averagegal

    It was sickening to see how Rob was so upset and his mother just sat there on her loser butt next to her similarly coldhearted daughter Kim and didnt do anything. A real mother would have been there for her son. Face it Kris and Kim are all about themselves.I believe she only married to make money and use the wedding for publicity.kims fame is built on a sex tape! I think Rob would be more successful if he had a different mother and sister. I cant wait for their show to be canceled.

  • Alexandria Kendall Steer
    Alexandria Kendall Steer

    i hate kris jenner. her son is crying and she just sits there. all she cares about is the three girls making HER money. ugly bitch.

  • Athena

    Don't forget kris jenner is not only his mother she is his manager he has the right to be behind her and push her to make a deal for him that is why he asks her for support and pushes her to make business decisions for him and that is why he is so frustrated it is not that he depends on his mommy he is trying to get his manager to make business deals for him and she is always too busy making other business deals for her other kids and he feels frustrated and actually he might not be married but he has all kinds of women behind him and think he is very attractive for example rita ora and him are dating right now i think it takes a strong man to speak your mind and tell people straight to there face what they think of them and rob proved to be a strong man telling his sister and mother off i wish him the best rob is a good guy

  • CEE

    He is a grown man, and should be able to do things, like find a job w/out his mommy. I mean really what women wants a man who depends on his mother to find him a job. Don't get me wrong it's nice if she can but you should not rely on another to find you employment after the age of 18. That could be why he is still single...not a trait that some women find attractive. Most women want a strong man (yes he can even cry, but not because mommy won't find him a job).

  • Gabriel Ortiz
    Gabriel Ortiz

    True, he is an adult and as such, he can find his own path, but it is hard and frustrating. Think about it: he spent the majority of his life just having fun and not thinking about building his own career. He never had to think about what type of career he'd work toward. He was never taught even worry about his future. Kris neglected to guide him in this regard, but she made sure to guide her daughters. Most kids growing up in his position would love that carefree, lazy, fun-filled, no-worry life. But eventually, when you become a young adult reality sets in and you want to have your own. But so many important years have passed Rob without the needed guidance and training for him to do for himself. Now, he's struggling to begin finding his path to success at such a late start in life. Though it can be done, I'm sure its frustrating -- especially when he still sees how much time and effort his mother continues to invest in his sisters careers but not in helping him. He sees them all over the media and his mother promoting them. But then he just keeps hearing them accuse him of just being lazy and telling him to just go out and get his own career -- which non of them ever had to do for themselves. So, I completely understand his frustration.

  • Gabriel Ortiz
    Gabriel Ortiz

    A lot of people are saying that Rob is just a lazy person who's jealous of his sisters and he should just go and make his own path for himself. But here's what I don't think a lot of people understand: Their mother, Kris has always put more time and effort into developing Kim into a star -- ever since they were little. Eventually, Kris also worked to make the other two daughters famous money makers. She prepared the daughters to make it and instilled within them from very young ages the drive to make it. But she didnt instill that drive for success within him from very young. She just let him coast along and benefit from the success that the Kardashian name brought. She thus hobbled Rob by not instilling within him from early on, the same drive for success that she instilled in her daughters and by not teaching Rob from early on in life that hard work is needed to succeed. Now that he is a young adult in a famous family, he's lost. He feels pressure to be successful (like his siblings) but he doesn't know where to begin. And with his money/fame hungry mother dedicating all of her time to furthering the careers of her already famous daughters -- especially Kims -- Rob, justifiably feels left out, neglected and without hope of ever coming into his own. For a young man in a successful family, that can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, Kris is so absorbed in her daughters success and infact, living her life through them, she doesn't even realize how she's hobbled her son, nor is she ready to accept responsibility for doing so and work to trying to help him develope that same drive for hard work and success.

  • Robin Addeo-Wolf
    Robin Addeo-Wolf

    Last night was a disgrace, what they did to you....I know you love your family....MOM and Kim are being selfish. Your MOM has to spend time with you, give in put in your career..She shows to much time with KIM.....and says it all the time she's my favorite, REALLY!!! My Mother has 7 Daughters and treats us all "EQUAL" I'm so tired of them "ALL" putting you down.....Since Kim has been with Kayne, she has no MIND of her own, don't know how to talk to you or Khloe or Kourtney!!! She wants to branch out on her own, all of a sudden (Kayne) pushing her....She got rid of all her girlie girl shoes.....Why, cause she don't know how to dress....."CONTROLLING FREAK" I hope everything will work out for you cause you deserve that, Your DAD will be proud.....instead of rolling in his grave., the way your being treated, like your a red headed step child!!! Tired of them calling you BITCH, GET SOME BALLS, STOP LIVING OFF YOUR SISTERS, Mom, has to step in!! Thank God the younger girls are staying out of the Lime Light and DRAMA!!! Put your foot down, if their gonna treat you like that who's nedds them, family or not!!! Good Luck, keep me posted!!!

  • Just my opinion
    Just my opinion

    Man or not we are all humans and get hurt just because he is a man doesn't mean he cant pour out his feelings all men cry rob isn't fake he says things like they are that is what i like about rob and khloe they are real not fake like kim just because he cried doesn't mean he isnt a man it actually makes him a real man and not fake hiding his feelings inside im proud of him GO ROB!!!

  • CEE

    Wow, I thought he was a big cry baby...what a man.

  • Are you serious???
    Are you serious???

    On last nights episode of the kardashians kim said that she didn't want to go to therapy because she didn't really like going to a therapist because she doesn't like to tell strangers her problems LOL... REALLY KIM! so don't you think that by having a reality show being divorced after 72 days having a sex tape being in every magazine out there people don't already know your problems you DUMB ASS! millions of strangers know your problems from your show so whats one more stranger knowing your problems gonna hurt at least rob went to school what has kim done besides laying on her back i never disliked kim until last nights episode how dare her and kris treat rob like that rob khloe lamar scott and kourtney should have there own show and ditch kris and kim screw them SERIOUSLY DO IT!!

  • Cindy

    Kim you shouldn't be calling anyone a loser, with all of your "errors in judgment"! Help out your brother. That's what family is for. BTW, you didn't make it all on your own. Take a hard look at all of your advantages. If not for your pushy mommy, you'd be a nanny to the stars.

  • Say it like it is!!!
    Say it like it is!!!

    The first thing rob should do is go to the nearest tattoo shop and erase his mothers face off his arm because that B***H does not deserve to be on his arm!!! i am so shocked to see how kris jenner can be so cold hearted to her son all he wants is some support its bad enough he was left without a father which he misses dearly and now he has his mothers crap to deal with all he wants is to be treated like the others and kim needs to stop being so damn selfish not everyone watches the kardashians because of her i actually liked khloe and lamars show way more because kim wasnt in it!!!! I love khloe kourt and rob rob should look for another manager and forget his mother and rob is not a loser don't listen to kim!! And kim shut the F**K UP!!!!!!!!!!


    I am so PISSED OFF!! why is it always about kim is it because of her ass or sex tape that makes her better than the other kids do they have to do a sex tape and get butt implants to be just as good as kim or WTF! kourt and khloe are just as pretty as kim and rob is handsome smart and talented so i just dont get why the other girls dont have perfume lines and rob always gets ignored what is wrong with kris she is so damn into kim that she totally treats the other kids like crap they should of had there perfume line and robs sock and mens line already but no kris is too busy with her kimmie that she dont care about no one else THAT'S B.S

  • Angry kardashian fan
    Angry kardashian fan

    I was so angry after i watched last nights episode why is that when rob walked off the set khloe was the one that went after him to show her support and not his mother as sensitive as she is she didn't even shed one tear for him kourt did wow i can't believe her i totally understand rob and he is 100% right his mom always brushes him off he has incredible ideas a sock line and a dash for men but his mom just brushes him off what he should do is dump his mom and find someone else to manage him dont use dash for men he can use robert k collection or something like that and dont even ask his mom anymore rob has awesome ideas and he could be just as popular as the other kids if his mom would just give him a little support i hope kris realizes the damage she does to her kids when all she does is focus on her favorite kim if robs dad was alive rob would of had his sock line and mens clothing store already his dad looked liked a nice man not like kris

  • S.G

    I feel so bad for rob i hate the way he is being ignored by his mom and kim is so mean to him and always thinks about herself you can tell that rob has alot of hurt and anger in him because his mom always pays more attention to all the girls especially kim and leaves him out like i dont understand why khloe kourtney and kim dont have a perfume line and only kim and rob should have one for men why is it all about kim if i was khloe kourt or rob i would so find me another manager since the mom is all about kim then maybe another manager is a good idea khloe kourt and rob deserve to be treated equal kris should put herself in there spot she is treating very unfairly she has six kids not one very wrong of her wake up kris or your kids will find another manager and dump your ass! ROB FIND ANOTHER MANAGER WISH YOU LUCK!!!

  • Renee Hale
    Renee Hale

    Kris do put the girls first and out of the girl she put kim on top.

  • Irvinegirl

    I don't blame him for crying. His mother has created all the opportunities for the girls right from the start -- that's the only reason they are all working. She hasn't done crap for Rob. No wonder he feels left out. For Kim to accuse him of being lazy is a real shame. If I were him I would move out of California immediately and rely on himself and someone else to control his career. I'm sure there are people out there who would love to be his manager.

  • me

    I think Rob has every right to feel the way he does! Kris is always up Kim's ass..... He is clearly trying to get his mom's attention..... But she doesn't even seem to give him the time of day! It's a good thing he has Kourtney and Khloe !!!! I feel for Rob! Kim is being very selfish even towards her sisters..... Hey Kris your son would like some attention and help TOO!!!