‘American Idol’s’ Phillip Phillips Talks ‘Home’ and His First Tour on ‘Today’ (VIDEO)

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“Yeah, it’s pretty insane. I never thought any of this would ever happen. It’s a true blessing,” American Idol champion Phillip Phillips told Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show Tuesday right before being surprised with a platinum record plaque for his single, “Home.”

With the use of his single as the theme for the “Fierce Five” US Woman’s Olympic Gymnastics team throughout NBC’s Olympic coverage, the song became a smash anthem shooting to the top of the charts.

So how is his first tour going? What about his debut album?

Currently on the “Idols Live!” tour, Phillips said, “It’s going really well, just having a lot of fun, going to different cities and seeing all these new people and new things, and playing with these guys.”

In between tour dates, Phillips has been hard at work on his debut album. Though it doesn’t have a release date or a title yet, Phillips is excited. “I’m excited just to tell my own stories and maybe people will connect with it and enjoy them like I do. ” The singer recently debuted an original song called “Take Me Away” for a small audience at a Philadelphia radio station.

As for his health, he told Guthrie that he is “just taking it easy, taking it slow and just trying to make it.” The singer recently had kidney surgery shortly after taking home the title on American Idol.

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