‘House of Lies’ Star Kristen Bell Explains Why She Won’t Marry Dax Shepard

Kristen & Dax on 'Hit & Run'
The stars discuss their new movie and engagement.
A Veronica Mars movie?
Kristen Bell is up for making a movie based on the show.
Just like her character on the cult TV show Veronica Mars, actress Kristen Bell isn’t very cookie cutter — and she’s not afraid to stand up for what’s right.

That’s precisely why the 32-year-old House of Lies actress, who has been dating funny man Dax Shepard for more than five years, refuses to set a wedding date, even though she’s madly in love with her fiancé.

“We’ve been very vocal about waiting until everyone in California has the same rights,” Bell says, referring to Proposition 8. “We will gladly celebrate when our friends have the same rights as we have.”

But while they won’t get married until all Angelenos have the same rights, Bell and Shepard have plenty of work to keep them busy — namely the new movie Hit and Run, which stars both Bell and Shepard and which was written and co-directed by the latter.  The movie is a romantic action comedy about a former getaway driver (Shepard) who busts out  his witness protection program identity to help his girlfriend (Bell) get to Los Angeles.

Belle says that she and her fiancé never got sick of spending time with each other while working on the film. “We’re not really that couple,” she explains.

“We both wanted to make this film and it was actually a great excuse to spend time together because we both have jobs that take us away from each other,” she continues. “Dax is far and away my favorite person to hang out with.”

Could these two be any cuter?