Kim Kardashian Leaks Email, Slams Former Nanny’s Tell-All Publicity Stunt

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That’s what the Kardashian family’s former full-time nanny, Pam Behan, is hinting as she shops her tell-all, Malibu Nanny: The True Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny.

A Kardashian family lawyer who’s keeping a close eye on Behan wrote to the reality-TV stars on Monday, saying the manuscript isn’t getting many bites from publishers, leaving Behan scrambling for ways to increase buzz surrounding the book. Her solution? She’s threatening to release a confidentiality agreement she signed with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians clan in hopes of hinting that the family is frightened by the 148-page memoir.

So Kim Kardashian is turning the tables on Behan — who cared for Kourtney, Khloe, Rob and herself for five years — by leaking on her own blog the attorney’s recent email about Behan.

What’s the truth behind Behan’s claims?

“These are the kinds of emails I get on a daily basis,” Kardashian wrote regarding the message from her family lawyer, who warned of Behan’s “desperate” attempts to ramp up publicity surrounding her book.

“You may have heard about the nanny I had when I was a kid who wrote a book about her experiences as our family nanny,” Kardashian continued. “Well I guess her ‘tell-all’ story isn’t juicy enough. LOL… Please!!!!!

“My family and I were really disappointed in her for using childhood photos of us in her book without our permission,” she explained. “So we had our attorney reach out to her and ask her to sign a confidentiality agreement.”

That’s the document that the lawyers says Behan is now threatening to leak. “Now, we see once again what a classy nanny she is!” wrote Kardashian. “What a joke!”

The celebrity blogger dismissed the Behan brouhaha as the kind of run-of-the-mill scandal-mongering that her family has become accustomed to. “This is the kind of stuff we have to deal with every day,” she wrote. “People looking for scandals and creating nasty stories just to make a name for themselves. Seriously, at some point you just have to laugh at how ridiculous people are.”

Still, just because she finds the situation routine and laughable doesn’t mean she’s not going to fight back. “You can’t get away with it,” she warned. “I’m just going to start posting all the ridiculousness on my blog!”

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