Rob Kardashian Explains His 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Therapy Meltdown, Says Rihanna is Just a 'Friend'

"[Kim] brings out my negative energy."
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Rob Kardashian broke down on Sunday night's emotional episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians after a fight with big sister Kim Kardashian.

Tuesday morning, the reality star and aspiring entrepreneur called in to On Air With Ryan Seacrest to open up about his family therapy breakdown, his strained relationship with Kim -- and his rumored romance with popstar Rihanna.

What did Rob have to say? 

"[Kim] brings out my negative energy," he told Ryan Seacrest. "When it comes to money and business, she thinks I tend to spend too much and I’m really stupid with my money.”

During last week's episode, Rob felt Kim was negatively impacting his career by holding him back from pursuing a new business venture: Opening a DASH men's store in London.

“Kim is literally the most selfish person here,” he said, at one point, in a heated fight with her. “All she cares about is herself.”

However, the younger Kardashian admitted to Seacrest that sometimes his anger toward Kim can get out of hand. “Sometimes I say things I really don’t mean in a heated argument, and I usually take it out on Kim. I’ve done that before.”

He added, “I just feel like she’s an easy target for me, and I know her. She’s my sister. I know how to push her buttons.”

Meanwhile, Seacrest also asked Rob about his recent go-kart outing with superstar Rihanna. “Rihanna’s a friend," he said. "And she is friends with my friend Capricorn, and it was her birthday. Then we all went out to celebrate our friend’s birthday. It was fun! It was a good night!”

Rob has also been linked to British songstress Rita Ora, but he replied that he's just a fan of her music. "I'm a big fan," he told Seacrest, before promising to bring her in to American Idol host's studio for a future interview.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays at 9 PM.  In case you missed it, watch Rob's breakdown unfold below. 



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  • Lisa

    By far the best looking member of the Kardashian family!



  • JBlair

    Aww.. Rob - You are my favorite on the show!! I watched every one of your Dancing with the Star episodes (and I don't even normally watch that show... And I voted for you every time! You seem so geniune and sincere - and seem to have a great sense of humor & a sweet spirit...Remember that you have a LOT of fans That specifically like You! Shine in your own light - you have it!

  • Kris

    OMG. I feel for Rob and apparently his sister Khloe is the only one with a heart! Kort was sad too, but for Kim to just sit there and especially his own mother. Come on. Hang in there Rob and thank you Khloe!

  • cee

    I agree it's sad that Kris cannot see how her son is suffering inside! I could always see the sadness in Rob eyes that's why he started eating and gaining weight before .. If Kris got the know how for the girls to be successful then I am sure she got the know how for Rob. I would feel like the little lost cinder-fella too if I did not matter most of the time. Keep your head up Rob we understand - hopefully this episode will make you a better man!

  • CC

    I to agree with asparkle123..Kris you are great at what you do but Rob does need your help. It's funny how you are not even trying to help Rob. Your so busy with other clients. But it's funny how the two younger girls are starting to make a name for themselves with the help of Mom (Kris), so stop telling Rob you can't help him. I want to say that I love are going to be a great mom. You should of been Kris going after Rob, but no Chloe being a good sister went. And hearing her speak to him was very comforting. Thank you, Chloe!!

  • asparkle123

    I feel so bad for rob. I can see that rob is pushed out .Kris you need to help your son. He is crying out for help. You have said that kim is your favorite dont you think thats hurtful. You also have other kids ,and they all have to be treated the same. Kim is old enough to branch out on her own you have already helped her , it just not fair . your son needs help now. You should be concerned about rob the way hes feeling its serious kris. Life is not all about fame and money your not taking any of it .Life is short . The kardashines is not our reality .Reality is unemployment,homeless people,single moms tryng to make it livingpaycheck to paycheck,you should be ashamed of yourselves. Real beauty is inside of your heart not just the outside. Kim words hurt and you do say mean things . You should watch what you say to your brother. words are hurtful. Everyone is different you are not rob rob is not you and you shouldnt sit and start to say well we did it on our own . your mom has helped you alot and your sisters all have had some help but what about rob. Yon need to stop thinking about yourself so much and start paying attention to your brother and whats around you. Wake up and smell the coffee.Rob look up its going to be ok ,pray and ask god for are so important you are her for a reason and i totally understand how you feel. Dont ever let noone put yopu down because you are somone so important. O and kris you should not let your kids talk down to each other you to need to wake up and sell the coffee. .