Simon Cowell’s $2M ‘X Factor’ Trailer: Take a Peek Inside (PHOTOS)

Simon Cowell is living large — even on set of the X Factor.

When the music mogul heads for the open road, Cowell is cruising in a $2 million, 1,200 square-foot luxury trailer.

The two-bedroom, two-bath mobile home boasts a fully equipped kitchen, all-granite bathrooms, marble flooring and leather-lined ceilings. The mansion on wheels also features a state-of-the-art cinema room with 100-inch projector screen.

Up the spiral staircase, Cowell has his business-minded space.

Made by Anderson Mobile Estates, the 22-wheeled trailer features a fully-stocked bar and an office, spacious enough to accommodate up to 30 people, such as Cowell’s assistants and staff.

And, at the touch of a button, Cowell can capture the ultimate privacy, turning all transparent glass doors and dividers opaque.

To help him prep for his on-camera moments, Cowell has a specific green room where he sits for hair and makeup, as well as a roomy wardrobe and storage space.

And the motor coach is fully equipped for any medical emergencies. Not only does Cowell have a doctor on call 24 hours a day, his trailer stocks $150,000 worth of medical equipment, a unit rivaled by only one other — President Barack Obama’s Air Force One.

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