'Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham Reveals She's Cooking Up a Return to TV (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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MTV’s Teen Mom airs its series finale on Tuesday, but that may not be the last you’ll see of star Farrah Abraham on television.

The 21-year-old stopped by the Celebuzz studio and told us that she’s currently in discussions to return to TV. And this time it won’t be about being a young mom. Rather, she aims to be a media mogul and exploit her culinary talents.

“I definitely want to start on my own digital media platform. So, like my YouTube channel and I’ve been messing around with some things on there,” she tells us.

What else is Farrah cooking up for life after Teen Mom?

“Then, moving on to Food Network, Cooking Channel and maybe WE network,” she says. “I think that’s the best place for me moving forward.”

Earlier this year, the culinary school graduate began marketing her Mom & Me brand of food products with its first item, an Italian hot pepper sauce. That’s just one part of Abraham’s burgeoning empire, which now includes her New York Times Bestselling memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended, and a related pop single titled “On My Own.”

“I think right now is the time of my life when I can experience, try different things and find the best niche for my career,” Abraham says. “I know in my future I want to do more books, open my own restaurant and hopefully have other TV shows.”

She also adds, “But, I also want to be a big part of social efforts like going and speaking to teens still and just working with the people, because I feel like it helps so much.”

Watch more from our interview with Abraham above.

The Teen Mom series finale airs Tuesday at 10 PM on MTV.

What do you think of Abraham’s media ambitions? Would you like to see her back on TV after Teen Mom ends?



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  • jessicahowever

    I think she's ok, and all this about her mother, well she is not easy to handle either, Farrah is a great person for her age , my opinion, and i would love to see her on TV, why not???

  • Brian

    This girl has absolutely no respect for anyone. On the show she says she fears being alone. With that attitude she deserves to be alone. I do put some blame on her parents. If one of my children were to talk to their mother like that, it would be the first and last time. Her father should have put an end to that long ago. Since when was it ok to call you father by his name. I don't even allow my kids to call any adult by their first name.

  • Mel

    Farrah has a great body, but the way she and her sister treat their mom and dad is unforgivable, grow up Farrah and appreciate your parents while you have them, you should have learned from the loss of your baby daddy but you didn't..

  • Heather Hudzik
    Heather Hudzik

    Maybe she should learn how to be a decent human being first

  • Daniella Shankle
    Daniella Shankle

    The title got me all confused. I thought it ment she's coming back with her own cooking show. LOL

  • lmdm65

    Oh lease... what's next for this teen mom...who the hell cares! Just as long as she never sings again!

  • Guest

    With her personality she has zero chances of making a break into mainstream media on any level. When did her book become a best seller? I must have been sleeping when that happened. It's nice to have big dreams but her personality will always let her down.

  • jennifer

    this girl first needs to learn how to respect people and treat them like human beings

  • jennifer

    omg, enoughhh