Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: Gretchen Rossi Talks Overcoming Bulimia, Working Out With Hotel Lamps (EXCLUSIVE)

With such a fast-paced schedule, how does Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi ever find time to work out?

“Because I travel so much, I end up doing a lot of my workouts on the road,” Rossi told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview. “I know it sounds silly, but I’ll literally get into a hotel room, pick up the bedside lamp and start doing bicep curls. Sometimes you just have to improvise when you don’t have the time.”

Revealing her “get fit” tips, Rossi — who ranked No. 25 on the Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies countdown — gave Celebuzz the scoop on her guilty pleasures, her new secret health habit and which housewives she thinks are the hottest. (Hint: She doesn’t share an area code with any of them.)

Read on for the full Q&A.

Celebuzz: What was the ‘a-ha moment’ in your life that made you want to take health and fitness to the next level?
Gretchen Rossi: I grew up playing soccer and softball, and was a cheerleader. So, I’ve always been extremely athletic. As far as taking my health to the next level, though, it was actually in high school, because I suffered from an eating disorder. When I finally decided I wanted to get healthy and educated about how to stay in shape, I went and got my personal training certificate. I started training other people in college, which really helped me get past my own issues, because I was able to help people in that way. Now, I’m totally capable of knowing how to take care of myself on my own.

Celebuzz: What exercises do you do to stay in shape?
GR: I work so much that I don’t get the consistent time to be in the gym any longer. I do have a trainer that I work with, Ken Rawlins, and he’s amazing. I have him meet me at the house because my schedule is that crazy! He brings a bunch of equipment with him and we do everything from free weights and exercises on the bench to work with rubber bands and these things called gliders that I found. We’ve been using those a lot lately, which has been really fun. Basically, we do a lot of lunges and squats and pushups on a ball.

Celebuzz: What’s on your workout playlist?
GR: I definitely work out to music; it’s more motivating. But there are times that you don’t need it. I go on walks on the mornings that I’m up early. The dawn is so beautiful that you really don’t need music. Normally, though, I listen to a playlist of “ampy,” get-you-going songs. Lately, it’s been my own song “Unbreakable”; it’s really a great workout song! I didn’t even realize what a great workout song it was until I put it on my iPod; it really gets me going. Also, I absolutely love anything by Britney SpearsLady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Celebuzz: What’s your secret for staying fit even when you’re pressed for time?
GR: What I’ve learned with my schedule is that it’s about trying to kill two birds with one stone. I try to improvise and think of new exercises and ways to stay in shape because if I don’t, I would never have the time to stay in shape. I love finding the time to go and do yoga and core Pilates; I love changing it up. I’ve always been really dedicated to making the time to take care of myself.

I love exercising, I’m active everyday whether I’m going for a walk, run, hike or bicycle ride. I’m always at the park running and playing with the dogs. I always try to stay active and moving. I’m not the kind of girl you’re going to find sitting and watching TV. Even if I am watching TV, I’m probably doing my sit-ups at the same time. I’m not very good at staying still unless I have to sleep.

Celebuzz: Do you diet?
GR: I think that working out is so important for your heart health and endurance and it feels good to sweat out toxins too. But I truly think that 70 percent of keeping shape is all about what you put in your body to begin with.

Anytime I’ve ever tried to diet in my life, it’s been a disaster, so it’s really about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Now, I do everything in moderation. If I feel like I really want a pasta dinner, I’ll have my pasta dinner, but I won’t eat the entire thing. Or, if I want an ice cream sandwich one night, I’ll make to be more strict with my diet the next couple days. I’ve realized that when I deprive myself of something that I’m craving, I’ll just want it more and more. Then, I’ll end up binging on something that I didn’t need to if I would’ve allowed myself to have little bits and pieces in the first place.

Celebuzz: What’s your guilty pleasure?
GR: Alcohol will always be on my list. I’m really more of a social drinker and have a cocktail when I’m out on the town on a Friday or Saturday night with friends. And, if I feel like having a bite of dessert when I’m out, I will. I won’t do much more than that, because that’s when you end up eating the entire dessert. I don’t do well with that.

Celebuzz: Do you have any secrets for total body confidence when putting on a bikini?
GR: First and foremost, get a spray tan; that’s the number-one top secret. It really helps to disguise cellulite. Also, little things like a really good moisturizer that makes you look shiny and pretty really helps, too.

Celebuzz: Do you have a secret habit that is part of your healthy lifestyle?
GR: In the last three months, I’ve really been been upping my vitamin intake — MSM, Grapeseed Extract, things like that. I’m also trying this new product called Play Again, for healthy joints, because when I workout a lot they sometimes ache and hurt. I hate to swallow pills, let alone having to take them; but you really start to see your body change, so it’s worth it.


Celebuzz: Besides yourself, which Bravo housewife do you think is the hottest?
GR: I would say that Brandi Glanville is pretty hot. She’s got a really fit body and really tall, skinny legs. But so does Taylor Armstrong. They both kind of have the same type of structure. Even Melissa Gorga! Shoot, I don’t know. Then there’s Joanna Krupa who has a pretty hot, smoking bod. She’s coming out on the new season in Miami. She’s a supermodel, so she would probably win.

Celebuzz: What is your greatest health achievement or milestone thus far?
GR: I would definitely say getting over my eating disorder is one of them. I was bulimic, and it took me a really long time to get over that. To be honest, I don’t think you ever really get over something like that. I think it’s always kind of back there haunting you, but I finally learned to be healthy and confident and secure in my own skin. It wasn’t until five years ago that I finally got to that place and stopped comparing myself to tall, skinny models. I’m 5’5″, and I’m never going to have long, skinny legs. I’m more of an athletic build, and I really learned to appreciate my own body and to be thankful that God blessed me with my proportions. My biggest accomplishment was just becoming secure in my own skin.

Celebuzz: What inspirational advice do you have for readers in order to jump-start a healthy routine?
GR: I think it’s just about maintaining that healthy lifestyle and eating right. I’m lucky to have a great trainer who pushes me. So, I’d say if someone needed extra motivation to get yourself a trainer. Spend the extra money – you’re worth it.