Courtney Stodden's 18th Birthday: Relive Her Most Outrageous Moments (PHOTOS)

Courtney Stodden, America's favorite teen bride, turns 18 today, and Celebuzz has decided to celebrate this momentous occasion by reliving her many, many, many outrageous moments. (Yes, there are many.)

Indeed, Stodden -- who became (in)famous in 2011 when she married then-51-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson, in Las Vegas -- has become quite the popular, if polarizing, figure on Celebuzz.

Whether she's running down a beach like Bo Derek or washing a car in, um, lingerie, Stodden never fails to get our readers talking, especially when she's, you know, crawling around a house like a cat.

So to honor Stodden's big milestone, have a look back at her wacky moments in the our gallery, above.


Also be sure to check out Celebuzz's exclusive video interview with the 18-year-old bride, below, as part of the Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies countdown.



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  • LaLa

    she is so not cute

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  • Sean Gabrielle
    Sean Gabrielle

    Pretty sure that's a grey wifebeater Lol

  • Joann

    Look at the spray on abs, lol.

  • rrs

    come on lets face it there is no way that she can even look like pam anderson, no comp, what so ever, now that is a beautiful woman, please do not insult, not even close,what so ever!

  • ashlee

    she looks so much prettier without the make up

  • Rewd

    She is one hot 17 year old I would love to cum on.

  • crazyray

    How could this woman look anything but outrageous?

  • Mandy Wells
    Mandy Wells

    She goes to Target dressed like that?! lol That's just silly.

  • Mandy Wells
    Mandy Wells

    She look's 40+ in this Photo. Awful picture.

  • lolsz

    If she pissed in a cup, I would drink it.

  • Jenni Elisabeth Rocha
    Jenni Elisabeth Rocha

    Does her vag hurt from that bathing suit being hiked up so high?!

  • Jenni Elisabeth Rocha
    Jenni Elisabeth Rocha

    Are you sure that's not a bra and underwear?!

  • david

    her tits are gone... lol theyre normal sized now!!

  • Gabriel Ortiz
    Gabriel Ortiz

    If she's still only 17 years old, then her images should be viewed as child pronography and those posting them -- including herself should be arrested and charged, period.