‘Glee’ Season 4: NYADA’s Cassandra July Gives Rachel Berry a New Pet Name (VIDEO)

'Glee' S4 Promo
Kate Hudson steams it up in this new promo.
Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) is getting a rude awakening on the Season 4 premiere of Glee. She may have been McKinley’s biggest talent, but it’s going to be even harder for Rachel to stand out and impress her new teacher Cassandra July (Kate Hudson) at NYADA.

As we previously reported, Cassandra July is going to give Rachel a hard time this season, and now, thanks to this newly released promo, we know that she even has a pet name for Rachel: “Little Miss David Schwimmer.” We’re liking Hudson’s sass already.

What else can you expect on Glee Season 4?

With Rachel going through harsh growing pains at NYADA, back in Lima a very “bored and aimless” Kurt (Chris Colfer) will leave Ohio to follow his dreams to the Big Apple. There, he’ll intern for Vogue.com and work under editor Isabelle Klempt, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Finally reunited, Kurt and Rachel will put their Fifth Avenue dreams on hold and move into a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Desperate to impress Cassandra, Rachel decides that she needs a more mature look. Therefore Kurt, with some much needed help from Isabelle, treat Rachel to a stylish new makeover. It looks like Rachel Berry is going to be wearing a lot more black this season.

Rachel will also get some much needed guidance from NYADA upperclassman Brody (Dean Geyer), who will help Rachel sex up her dance routine. Unfortunately for Finchel fans, Brody and Rachel get a little too close for comfort for Finn (Cory Monteith).

Glee Season 4 premieres Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9 PM on FOX.

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