LeAnn Rimes on Turning 30: I Feel Better Than Ever (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW & PHOTOS)


Though you'd never guess it by looking at her, LeAnn Rimes turned 30 on Tuesday.

How did Mrs. Eddie Cibrian celebrate?

In an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, the singer-actress gave us the full rundown on Tuesday's festivities -- from whom she partied with to the romantic gift her husband gave her.

Rimes -- who burst onto the music scene in 1996, at the young age of 14 -- also shared her thoughts on hitting such a big milestone. (Hint: She's feeling great!)

Read on for the full Q&A with LeAnn Rimes. You can also check out some exclusive photos from the big day in the gallery, above.


CELEBUZZ: How did you celebrate the big 3-0? LEANN RIMES: My actual 30th birthday was so simple and beautiful, just like I've always imagined it. My beautiful friend Liz threw an intimate get together with Eddie's parents, my parents and our friends. My mom turns 60 this Thursday, so it was wonderful to celebrate together.

CB: What gift did Eddie give you? LR: Eddie is a ray of light in my life. He could have honestly given me a thoughtful, loving handwritten letter -- which he did, twice -- and I would have been the happiest woman in the world. Instead, he surprised me with a Cartier rose gold-and-diamond Love bracelet. I seriously burst into tears when I opened it. I never expected that at all. I love that I can't take it off. His heart is truly always with me wherever I go. When it comes to showing his love and appreciation for me, there is no one that does it better than him -- not only on my birthday, but every day.

CB: Are you ready to take on this next chapter in your life? LR: I'm so ready for my 30s! This decade is going to be the best yet. I'm so content and not depressed at all about it. I can't slow it down, so I'm embracing it.

A part of me feels like I should be turning 60, and a part feels still feels like an 8 year old. I'm a bit conflicted that way. But today really has started to sink in. I'm really, truly 30 and a woman. I'm growing and taking strides to be the best wife, bonus mom, friend, daughter and artist I could ever be -- and possibly a mom to a child of Eddie and my own one day. Thirty is a new beginning for me, and I'm making the most of it. Growing up in front of not only America's eyes, but the world's, has not been easy. I love what I do, but I love to sing and connect. That's what I signed up for at [age] 11! This world has changed and I'm blessed to have fans that have grown with me every step of the way, for almost 20 years. I've had so many great experiences, but the best is yet to come.

CB: Do you feel older now that you're 30? LR: I get older in numbers, but I don't feel older when it comes to my body. I eat healthy and work out. It's that simple. I love to splurge, but everything in moderation. You've gotta live life and enjoy everything there is to offer -- but I like feeling good on the inside and out. Boxing is my favorite workout. It kicks your butt. Also, Revolution In Motion has changed my life. It's so new to the workout world that it's hard to find a trainer that actually knows the process, but I've been lucky to find one and I LOVE it! Check it out! I feel healthier, more grounded and self-confident at 30 than I ever have.

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  • Lynda

    No, you'd never guess she was turning 30 by looking at her at all - I'd have guessed 40!!!!

  • gross

    Oh look, why did Celebuzz and Leann leave out this little detail about Liz, Leann, and Eddie? This is from Gossip Jacker: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 "LeAnn Rimes Kisses a Girl for Hubby's Amusement" LeAnn Rimes kisses a girl while her husband and his friend watch. She is known to often put on a public display of affection with her husband Eddie Cibirian, the pair constantly kissing and cuddling for the world to see. But LeAnn Rimes was spotted seemingly puckering up to another woman yesterday, as she fooled around with a girlfriend during yet another holiday break to popular ski spot Mammoth, California. And instead of Cibrian being worried about his 29-year-old wife with her hands and lips all over someone else, the 38-year-old actor was cheering on and even took photographs of the naughty embrace. The risque behaviour went down on the balcony of a cabin the duo had seemingly rented with another couple, including LeAnn's blonde-haired girlfriend 'Lizzy'. Drinking beers on the porch, LeAnn and her gal pal started to get frisky during the afternoon. The two women were not only seen puckering up, but embracing, and LeAnn even stripping off to expose her black bra and also nuzzling her face in her friend's chest. Eddie and his fellow male mate not only witnessed the conduct, but also appeared to be cheering the girls on, especially when they leaned in for a kiss.

  • gross

    So Leann and Celebuzz want us to believe that Liz is just Leann's friend and that Eddie, the man who sells out his own kids for trips to Cabo and watches, loves Leann and isn't being cheating on her? Please take a look at this article on Popsugar:“LeAnn Rimes Logs Bikini Time on a Lake With Eddie Cibrian and Friends”. Here are the photos in question: Photo 15/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her Photo 16/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her Photo 25/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her Photo 32/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her So what friend does that to her friend's husband? Lizzy is Eddie's mistress. And it's more than likely that Leann llied, Leann planned her own birthday, designed the cake herself, and even bought her own gift.

  • gross

    How nice, everytime we ask Celebuzz why they haven't addressed the story about Leann calling people on twitter so she can trash Brandi or why they continue to ignore that Eddie is cheating on Leann and has been sleeping with the woman Leann claims is her friend, Leann calls up Celebuzz and has them write up yet another silly fluffpiece about her birthday as if that will cover up the fraud that is her marriage and of course the fact that she is still hating on Brandi. Leann looks horrible in those pictures and why is Eddie DRUNK? What husband has to be drunk just to touch his wife? Only Eddie Cibrian. Well at least Eddie had Lizzy at the party. Eddie's mistress gave Leann a birthday party? It was more like Eddie and Lizzy had the party for Lizzy and Leann was the 3rd wheel. Since you did the write up abou thow Leann designed the cake for Eddie's son, we all know that Leann designed this cake too. Dear Celebuzz, how come you won't address this story? 1) "LeAnn Rimes blamed for influencing ‘RHOBH’ star Brandi Glanville’s followers" (August 28, 2012) -The Examiner 2) "LeAnn Rimes Called Out For Stalking & Harassing Brandi Glanville Fans On Twitter! LeAnn Insists She’s A Victim Of “Treachery”! -Reality Tea-Aug 27, 2012 3) "Leann Rimes Disappointed By Former Fan's 'Treachery,' Says Attorney" From Huff Post-8/24/2012

  • gross

    Come on Celebuzz, another ridiculous fluffpiece? And how much did Leann pay you for this? It's a shame that when give the opportunity to expose Leann, sites like this conitnue to kiss Leann's behind. Why is she making such a big deal about her birthday? Could it possibly have something to do with the fact that this month is also Liz's birthday? And you do know that Liz is not Leann's friend. It's Eddie's mistress. Check out the photos of Eddie on the dock with Lizzy. Do you honestly think that a friend does that? Lizzy was also with Eddie and Leann on their honeymoon. Eddie doesn't have a job, so can Celebuzz please explain how Eddie bought Leann a gift? That's right. Leann bought herself a gift and is trying to pass it off as a gift from Eddie. Eddie didn't even buy his own child a cake for his birthday, so then you honestly want us to believe that he bought Leann a bracelet? If Eddie had bought the bracelet like Eddie claimed, then how come there are NO photos of Eddie out shopping for it? You know what Leann said. The paps are ALWAYS following her and Eddie. So if that is the case, then how come the paps managed not to get ANY photos of Eddie buying this bracelet? Because Eddie didn't buy the bracelet Leann. Come on Celebuzz, so when Eddie watched Leann as she made out with Lizzy, you are telling us that it's because he was showing Leann love? This articles is just another means of damage control. Eddie is cheating and she somehow thinks this article and photos will cover it up.

  • Disgusted

    You feel 60 but you only look 45! Win!

  • castaneda