‘Necessary Roughness’ Summer Finale: Is Callie Thorne Team Nico or Team Matt?

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As fans of USA’s Necessary Roughness know, Dr. Dani (Callie Thorne) may have answers for her patients, but when it comes to her personal life, things aren’t always so easy.

On Wednesday night’s emotional summer finale, Dani will finally reach out for help — but who will she confide in? Her former flame Matt (Marc Blucas) or her polar opposite Nico (Scott Cohen)? Perhaps an example of life imitating art, even series star Thorne can’t choose between the two.

“Matt is like a delicious, romantic hug,” she t0ld reporters on a recent press call. “And then Nico is the bad boy that you can’t figure out and all you want to do is figure him out, which of course is just as sexy as the good guy, so it’s a tough choice!”

But does the Necessary Roughness star secretly have a favorite?

“I’m as split as the fans because it literally changes from scene to scene,” the actress said. “If I’m a scene with Marc Blucas, I’m like, ‘Oh, she’s got to end up with Matt — she has to.’ And then if I’m doing a scene with Scott Cohen, I’m always thinking, ‘Oh, no, no, no, she’s got to be with the guy that she’s got to try and put together like a puzzle.'”

Meanwhile, Blucas and Cohen also get a kick out of the show’s emerging love triangle. Thorne said that she wouldn’t be surprised if the two had a bet going on behind the scenes.

“I think that they really dig the idea that fans are divided,” Thorne said. “And we joke a lot about it on set. There’s a lot of teasing. There’s a lot of joking. Even with the crew! It helps to make the day more fun, for sure.”

As for what’s ahead for Dr. Dani in Wednesday night’s summer finale, Thorne teased, “T.K., Dani, Matt and Nico are all forced into this big fork in the road.”

“Everyone’s in place where you’ve got to make a choice,” she said. “And whether or not she is trying to help T.K. make the right choice in regards to himself and being honest with himself, it’s hard for her to do that on her own, but it makes it easier to help someone else see the light.”

Thorne revealed that Dani will even start to question if letting Matt go was a mistake. But don’t worry, Nico fans. The chemistry between Dani and Nico will reach an all-time high during the summer finale.

It looks like the Hawks’ therapist is in need of her own shrink.

Necessary Roughness airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on USA.