‘Spring Breakers’ Clip: Selena Gomez is Bored and Vanessa Hudgens Looks Dangerous (VIDEO)

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In the first clip from Spring Breakers, Selena Gomez is bored — like, really bored.

“I’m so tired of seeing the same thing every single day,” she says while sitting in a jail cell. Little does she know James Franco will appear and make things a little less dull.

While the clip doesn’t feature Franco, viewers get a glimpse of Gomez in her first mature performance. But the real scene-stealer is fellow former Disney starlet Vanessa Hudgens. Judging from the teaser, it looks like her character is the wild child of the group — and definitely headed for trouble.

What is Spring Breakers all about?

The film follows four college students — Gomez, Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine — who are jailed after robbing a fast food restaurant to get money to pay for their spring break vacation. They’re then bailed out by a shady drug dealer (Franco), who wants them to kill his rival.

“It was very different from anything I’ve done, obviously,” Benson recently told Just Jared. “It’s more edgy and it’s a little bit darker and I just play an insane character, but it was fun because I always play the same characters throughout my career, and this is one that I really invested time in.”

The Pretty Little Liars star also admitted that the “robbing scenes” were the most fun to shoot because she — and her co-stars — “got to carry a gun a lot.”

The film will premiere at the Venice Film Festival.