'Spring Breakers' Clip: Selena Gomez is Bored and Vanessa Hudgens Looks Dangerous (VIDEO)

"I'm so tired of seeing the same thing every single day"

In the first clip from Spring Breakers, Selena Gomez is bored -- like, really bored.

"I'm so tired of seeing the same thing every single day," she says while sitting in a jail cell. Little does she know James Franco will appear and make things a little less dull.

While the clip doesn't feature Franco, viewers get a glimpse of Gomez in her first mature performance. But the real scene-stealer is fellow former Disney starlet Vanessa Hudgens. Judging from the teaser, it looks like her character is the wild child of the group -- and definitely headed for trouble.

What is Spring Breakers all about?

The film follows four college students -- Gomez, Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine -- who are jailed after robbing a fast food restaurant to get money to pay for their spring break vacation. They're then bailed out by a shady drug dealer (Franco), who wants them to kill his rival.

"It was very different from anything I’ve done, obviously," Benson recently told Just Jared. "It’s more edgy and it’s a little bit darker and I just play an insane character, but it was fun because I always play the same characters throughout my career, and this is one that I really invested time in."

The Pretty Little Liars star also admitted that the "robbing scenes" were the most fun to shoot because she -- and her co-stars -- "got to carry a gun a lot."

The film will premiere at the Venice Film Festival.




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  • FrmSyriaWithLuv

    I can't wait to see this either! Look cool.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    i can't wait to see this film !!!

  • sarah

    i agree mike.

  • listen up
    listen up

    In real life people don't see the judge in bikinis after being arrested, and lol at Selena speaking as if spring break is a place. "He actually went to spring break and saw this himself." Spring break is a vacation, not a place, you can go anywhere during your vacation and do what you want. That doesn't mean everyone will be going to the beach, getting arrested and being under the influence. Real college students focused on actually finishing college and having a future will know their limits. Get arrested after the age of 18 and other people including employers can have access to that information. It can actually be used against you. Everyone is not rich like the people in this movie, so they should keep that in mind when watching this. At least the naive first time college students. College is NOT like the movies where it's all fun and games and parties all the times.Main priority is keeping those grades up. &the other girl saying it will be a classic and the story is so beautiful...umm, are we reading a different description of the movie or what? Lmao.

  • listen up
    listen up

    I'm her age except I don't smoke or drink during spring break. You don't have to smoke and drink to have fun. Some people find they actually have more fun sober because it's actually memorable. Smoking and drinking are crash dummy type sh*t. That being said, I'm sure the movie will be rated appropriately, so young children won't be able to watch in theaters. Therefore there should be no parental backlash from the parents of young children. If there is then they are ridiculous because it would be their responsibility to monitor what their kids watch. It is also their responsibility to raise their kids. Which is why I couldn't understand why Miley Cyrus received so much crap. It's not her responsibility to raise kids and be a role model. She's a young adult, just like Selena. People grow up, let them act their age.

  • jbd59

    i must be watching something different cuz i don't see no porn.

  • mike


  • Kagal Kumari
    Kagal Kumari

    achi video hai

  • thecat61

    What a JOKE.

  • Girlwatcher

    Hot damn those bitches are fine

  • Miguel

    OH SHIT. That was Vanessa as a blonde, totally missed it! I had to watch it twice, because after the first time I was just like "Vanessa wasn't even in this..." Haha!