‘Awkward’s’ Nikki DeLoach Teases ‘What If’ Episode, Relationship Shifts and Season 3 Time Jump

'Awkward's' Nikki Deloach
The actress talks about Lacey and Jenna's search for forgiveness.
With just a few episodes to go on the second season of MTV’s Awkward, star Nikki DeLoach tells us there’s certainly much more to explore in a very short span starting with Thursday’s episode, “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me.”

“I just get chills thinking about it. It’s so good. The first time I read the script, I just bawled and I can’t wait,” the actress who plays mom Lacey on the series tells Celebuzz of the episode.

Much like her daughter, Jenna (Ashley Rickards), Lacey has been on a romantic rollercoaster. Already separated from husband Kevin (Mike Faiola), who caught Lacey in a moment of weakness with Ben (guest star Kristoffer Polaha) a couple episodes ago, things aren’t looking too good for them at this point.

What else can we expect on Season 2?

Despite the marital woes, DeLoach tells us that Episode 10 will actually explore her relationship with Jenna and the reason why she wrote the care-frontation letter.

“For every person out there who is a daughter and every person out there who’s a mother, it’s a story — I’m going to be careful of my words — it is a story that gets to the heart of that relationship,” the 32-year-old actress, whose resume includes Love and Other Drugs, Days of Our Lives and North Shore, tells Celebuzz.

And as if the mother-daughter intensity doesn’t sound dramatic enough, she teases Episode 11 takes us out of reality to explore what life would have been like if the characters had made different choices.

“We really take you out of the norm just a little bit from what we normally do, but it is very purposeful,” DeLoach says. “It’s like what would happen if I went right instead of left, what would my life look like? If I went left instead of right, what would my life look like? It sets up the season finale.”

Ah, the finale… it sounds as if we’re in for some huge changes. “[The season finale] will leave people on the edge of their seats wondering how all the relationships are going to be coming back into Season 3,” she says.

“What is taking place between the time that we leave off and the time that we pick back up,” Deloach, who says there’s a small time jump before next season, explains. “I think everybody is going to be like ‘I have no idea what these relationships are going to look like now.’”

But, the big question for Lacey is whether she can salvage her marriage. DeLoach says she believes her character and Kevin should ultimately be together, but also wants to see her character grow in the relationship.

“In Season 3, it would be really fun to play with the idea of what is that next level for Lacey and Kevin,” she offers. “Is it having another child? Also, Lacey has to really find herself as Jenna finds herself. Like, who is she outside of being a mother? I would love to see her pursue that and get a job or get a hobby or get some interests outside of just her daughter, you know?”

Awkward airs Thursdays at 10:30 PM on MTV.

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