Condoleezza Rice Shows Lipstick-Smeared Teeth: 13 Big Celebrity Beauty Blunders (GALLERY)

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Everyone was dressed to impress at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, but apparently Condoleezza Rice, 57, didn’t get the memo.

The American political figure made the wrong kind of beauty statement when she arrived at the rally with her lipstick smeared on her pearly whites. Unfortunately, her little makeup mishap was broadcasted nationwide as she gave a diplomatic speech in front of rolling cameras — her ruby red teeth plastered across TV screens.

How did viewers react?

Many took took to Twitter to show their embarrassment for Rice, pointing out the beauty blunder.

However, not everyone thought Rice’s smeared lipstick was a fashion faux-pas.

Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley slammed naysayers on Twitter, writing, “If Professor, former Sec. of State, Condoleeza [sic] Rice had lipstick on her teeth, so what. She spoke with true eloquence and raised the bar!”

Luckily for Rice, a little bit of smudged makeup is a pretty common mistake in Hollywood: Click through the gallery above for more celebrity beauty blunders.

What do you think of Rice’s fashion choice at RNC? Should she have checked the mirror before approaching the podium? Weigh in below.