LeAnn Rimes Was Cyber Bullied Before Checking Into Rehab (EXCLUSIVE)

"It has been a campaign of abuse."
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Country superstar LeAnn Rimes checked into rehab after Twitter trolls unleashed a torrent of abuse, Celebuzz has learned.

Rimes, 30, voluntarily entered a 30 day in-patient treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress, it was announced Thursday.

“She is simply there to learn and develop coping mechanisms,” her rep said.

Celebuzz has learned part of the reason for Rimes’ treatment is months of unrelenting abuse on the internet and Twitter.

"It hasn't stopped and they are clearly offensive," a source close to the situation said. "It has been a campaign of abuse."

One website, titled LunaticLeAnnRimes, has posted unrelenting messages and derided her appearance in photos with husband Eddie Cibrian, who was formerly married to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville.

The blog also posted a 20-minute phone recorded conversation between one of the users and Rimes, on Aug. 19.

What’s more, in a series of Twitter messages seen by Celebuzz, Twitter users have labeled Rimes a “chicken sh*t” and a “psychotic bitch.”

It is understood people close to Rimes have traced the origin of the abusive tweets.

The forthright music star has copped abuse ever since she began dating Cibrian, after the pair met on the set of of Lifetime film Northern Lights. At the time, Rimes was married to her former backup dancer, Dean Sheremet; Cibrian was married to Glanville.

Rimes and the former Playboy Club star later tied the knot in a private California ceremony, in April, last year.

Rimes -- who has been preparing for the upcoming release of her latest studio album, Spitfire -- spoke to Celebuzz in an exclusive interview on Wednesday, but gave no hint about her impending treatment.

She said: "I’m so ready for my 30s! This decade is going to be the best yet. I’m so content and not depressed at all about it. I can’t slow it down, so I’m embracing it."


LeAnn in Treatment
The singer enters treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress. Read More »


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  • bret

    leann enjoy you life don't worry about what others think. You only live once and F/// everyone else. Love your music and you. enjoy your fame and fortune... Please come to SE Iowa to the rodeo in Ft Madison next year. Love ya Bret

  • gross

    This is interesting, so someone conned the BBs into setting up a secret forum targetting a particular poster. And it didn't dawn on the BBs posting on this secret forum that this would be a way for Leann to get their IPs and names? That is why she is so confident that she can sue 50 "does" on twitter and why her case will stand up in court against the two people who recorded the conversation!

  • gross

    Janice(aka Diane, spooky) is now on People magazine trolling that site using the names of posters from Celebrity Bitchy!

  • gross

    For someone who criticizes others for posting extensively about Leann why were you on People magazine(Please see:LeAnn Rimes Gets a 30th Birthday Kiss from Eddie Cibrian) posting as Spooky, sickness, sickitten, Sam'sAtItAgain, GetOutandBreatheFreshAir, anothernun, just me, and daisy? I knew that something was wrong with your story because how could you not know what BB stands for since you have been following what several people have posted on People magazine? And in another article on that same site you are posting as Wacko, None, The sad thing is that people actually are fooled by your act. How do you manage to getaway with using so many different names on Celebrity Bitchy? How are you able to make it look like your IPs are different? I must give Leann credit. She is smarter than what I thought. Her plan has worked well. Just look how "Janice" has incorporated herself into one the major sites that is known for calling Leann out on her antics and she did it so well that she fooled EVERYONE!

  • gross

    That's odd because if you are on Celebrity Bitchy and People magazine reading the comments like you just stated, then you already know what BB stands for. The articles that you refer to have even addressed what BB stands for, so what is the purpose in asking a question you already know the answer to? Because this issue is personal to you and despite what you are saying, you post extensively on Leann. You just so happen to do it under multiple names. Is there a reason for this? Janice is Reality Check(she made a similiar comment in an old thread on this site) who also posts as "Diane" on People magazine. For someone who wants to know why someone posts so much about Leann, you sure didn't have a problem with the issue when you were on Celebrity Bitchy posting as LITTLE DARLING, in which you made 20 posts. I am wondering why this is so personal to you to the point where you are being deceptive about who you are and you intentions? I must admit, I thought that this lawsuit would backfire and blow up in Leann's face. But I now see that Leann's plan will succeed. And it will succeed because she is using some of her fans to pose as Brandi supporter's and BBs on a site where she receives a lot of backlash. Little Darling(aka Janice/Diane/Reality Check) is on that site doing her contributions for the cause!

  • katie5

    Even if someone blocks you on twitter, their mentions of you @leannrimes will still show up in Leanns replies so she goes to read replies and there they are, the nasty tweets even from people she has blocked. If Leann types her name in search, she can see all the comments or if anyone types her name in search, they will see all the vile comments made about Leann and THAT IS THE POINT. This group is making it their business to make others dislike Leann as much as they do and THAT IS BULLYING. Ms. Smiley made it her business to comment on blogs which are completely PUBLIC. She berated people on these blogs who tried to call her and her group out for tweeting such awful things about Leann. This is not just some random tweeters, this is a group hell bent on making everyone dislike her and commenting negatively on her every move and if anyone even tries to defend her, they give a list of all the things they deem inappropriate that LR has done.

  • katie5

    PLEASE PLEASE consider that if we were reading an article in news or saw on news a story about someone being bullied and in that story we read some of the things that have been tweeted to Leann and about Leann we would feel badly for the person those comments were directed to but because she is a celebrity, I guess some think it doesn't count. Her looks, her singing, her marriage, EVERY single thing she does has been judged and commented on in the most vicious vulgar ways. This is bullying at its best. Many celebs get nasty tweets. The diffference here is that the Smileys are part of a GROUP of people who tweet hate about LR everyday for well over a year. Just the fact that this unauthorized recording was released on a site called LUNATICleannrimes is clear proof of the hatred that has been directed to Leann. I can understand why Leann's had enough. There are screenshots of foul language and horrible remarks by the Smileys themselves and now they try to play the victims. Truth is I don't think they should be sued but I also don't blame Leann for reaching her breaking point. Even if Smileys Twit acct. is private, the remarks are still out there and the tweets AND the recording incited hundreds of vicious vulgar remarks about Leann and her mental health. Ms. Smiley also berated people who stood up for Leann on the lunatic blog. You're not fooling ALL of us Ms. Smiley. You started this.....you could have ended it a long time ago and now maybe you know what it feels like to be under the microsope and judged like you and your group have continued to do for at least two years to Leann

  • Janice

    What does BB stand for? I see it on a lot of posts...is it Brandi fans? Also, I've noticed you post extensively about LeAnn...is there a reason for this? I've seen your comments on other sites too (Celebitchy as Why? and I think on people as Sam) and I am wondering why this is so personal for you?

  • gross

    You do know that Leann Rimes has created accounts/userids/passwords just to stalk and harass Eddie's ex wife and put her down? What Celebuzz and Leann are leaving out the their story is that Leann and her fans were on twitter harassing Eddie's ex-wife first. People got tired of what they witnessed from Leann and her fans and so they created accounts to defend Eddie's ex-wife because at the time Leann and her fans were really going after Brandi on twitter. One of Leann's twitter pals is posting here right now. He loves to call people names. Another one of Leann's twitter pals, gives Celebuzz information about Brandi straight from Leann herself. This is happening because of Leann. Leann's husband is cheating, she needs something to distract, so she plays the victim.

  • gross

    But by the way Leann makes her life everyone's business, we know that this isn't true. If this is none of our business, then why did Leann give Celebuzz an exclusive interview on Wednesday? Why has she created a twitter page and website in which she posts personal details of her life? And yet here you are sitting in judgement of people. Why are you name calling? There is only one Leann fan who likes to call people "idiots"!

  • gross

    LP Name calling again? I'm not surprised. You really love that word idiot, you used it when you posted as Ben and you often use it on twitter when you make attacks against the BBs. So it's obvious who you are. Do you think you are helping Leann by making these posts? Leann is not the victim. Leann is one of those people who isn't happy untile someone is beaten down to bad that they are in trouble. Just have Celebuzz ask Leann's lawyer about the twitter accounts of WEWENLOVE, Juvenilex, Brandiliarville, Brandiwhineville, and Witchy. The only one displaying mob mentality and a witch hunt is Leann. Even with her lawyers threats, Leann is encouraging her twitter pals to continue the attacks against the BBs and Brandi. Leann thought that she could bully the Brandi fan into silence and when it backfired she pulled this stunt. How weak is Leann that she uses her lawyer to cover up something that she did wrong.

  • LP

    Never happy until someone is beaten down so bad they are in trouble. Mob mentality. Too weak to stand on your own. The witch hunt is alive and well in America. Don't kid yourself. If you negative, pathetic, morons were even worth the bother of watching, I am sure some idiot like you would be dogging you too.

  • Ben

    You're all a bunch of idiots. Her life is her business. No one has the right to judge her or anyone else that is none of your business.

  • Gee Gee
    Gee Gee

    Celebuzz Leann Rimes just opened a can of worms, because all the bullying she had her Twitter followers do to Brandi and to Kimberly aka 8Smileys is all documented. Plus, since Leann blocked all those women, how can they still harass her? when you block someone on Twitter they can't send you tweets or read your timeline. So basically how can these women be bullying Leann Rimes? The truth is Leann is using the "I've been bullied and because of it I am stressed and suffer from anxiety" all lies to take away from the real story. Wait until Eddie cheats on you Leann, you are really going to need rehab.

  • KC

    Nobody deserves to be bullied but to be a half naked homewrecker (oops-am I bullying?) and not expect to be talked poorly about it? Add delusional to the list of things she needs to work on.

  • california422

    I'm not a fan of Rimes' music, mostly because I've never heard it. But I'd never take the time to create an account/userid/password, etc. to put her down. It's truly pathetic that anyone derives pleasure from hating on someone they've never met, famous or not. What are you lacking in your personal life to get so involved with a celebrity through social media? I feel embarrassed for them.

  • gross

    So rather than writing a honest article about Leann's bad behavior, you put a spin on it to make Leann look like the victim? Trolls? Speaking of trolls didn't one of Leann's "trolls" feed this site information about Brandi and you used it to write THREE negative articles about Brandi?