‘Mob Wives’ Star Renee Graziano on Season 3, Wanting to Meet the President and Dating Tim Tebow (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

By: / August 30, 2012

After an emotional year, Renee Graziano is back in front of the cameras as filming for the third season of Mob Wives gets underway in New York.

What can fans expect from the latest chapter of the hit VH1 reality series?

On Wednesday, Celebuzz sat down for an exclusive video interview with Graziano, during which she opened up about how things have changed from last season.

“I think we all learned a lot last year about who really is loyal,” she said. “I tried my hardest with all the girls to unite them. But, unfortunately, over the summer, I have seen things that I really wish I didn’t.”

“I’m on a completely different page,” she continued. It’s more about me being a mother to my son, who needs me, really, to be a mom and not a mob wife.”


“I will admit that I cried once [this season], and it was an emotional scene with my son.”

Meanwhile, Graziano also revealed what she’d like to accomplish now that she’s had a brush with fame. On her list: meeting President Barack Obama.

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Asked what she would actually say to the President, Graziano quipped, “I don’t know. ‘Hi, how you doin?'”

“I want to meet his wife [Michelle],” she continued. “I’m so taken by her. She’s just such a beautiful, strong woman, and she represents strength.”

In addition, Graziano — who says this year she is speaking out against domestic violence, as a survivor — told Celebuzz she is single and ready to date. She said she wants someone tall, dark and handsome — and admits she has a thing for athletes.


“I like athletes, because they’re gone half the year and it works out perfect with filming. And they love to be spoiled with food, so that’s perfect.”

Does this mean she’d be open to dating quarterback Tim Tebow, who will be joining the New York Jets in the fall?

“He’s the one who prays all the time, right?” she asked. “Okay, he’s perfect, because I so believe in God. That’s perfect for me.”

For more on Celebuzz‘s interview with Graziano, check out the videos.

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