‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada’s Mom on Divorce Drama with Chad Ochocinco: ‘It’s Done’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Since filing for divorce from Chad Ochocinco two weeks ago, Evelyn Lozada has kept silent on the sudden split — but her mother isn’t holding back, telling Celebuzz there’s no chance her daughter and son-in-law with reconcile.

“I don’t think they’re going to get back together at all,” Silvia Ferrer told Celebuzz. “It’s done. There’s no way she would ever go back to an abusive partner.”

Has the troubled couple even spoken since the split?

“[Chad] has tried, but they’re not communicating at all,” said Ferrer.

The Basketball Wives star was allegedly head-butted by her husband of 41 days during a domestic violence dispute earlier this month; Lozada had reportedly questioned the football player after discovering a receipt for condoms. Ochocinco was swiftly arrested, and the fallout began:  the couple’s reality show Eve & Ocho was soon canceled and Ochocinco, a former Dancing with the Stars contestant, was fired from the Miami Dolphins.

“She’s not lying,” Ferrer said of the incident. “This happened, he lost control. It should never have gotten to that point. She went into the marriage in love with him, and unfortunately this happened.”


The reality star’s mom also says Lozada won’t stay silent about what happened to her.

“She has to say whatever she has to say; she has to speak out,” Ferrer said. “This is not an example she wants to give to her kids. She’s going to stand up for herself.

“A lot of people only judge her from what they see on TV. They don’t know her. You can’t judge her. She never would have married him if she had known he was abusive.”

Ferrer, however, has no ill-will for her son-in-law.

“I hope he will redeem himself,” she said. “Deep inside, he’s not a bad guy. He lost control and lost his temper. But you don’t abuse women who are your mothers, your daughters, your sisters. He has to pay the consequences.”