Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: Heidi Klum’s Trainer on How the Supermodel Stays Super-Fit (EXCLUSIVE)

When it comes to health and fitness, Heidi Klum relies on fitness and wellness expert Andrea Orbeck for results. The trainer’s Supermodel Series workout — which combines short duration exercises with high-intensity drills — has been keeping Victoria Secret models like Klum, Karolina Kurkova and Doutzen Kroes fit and fabulous for years.

The celebrity trainer shares her secrets to Klum’s runway-ready body in an exclusive interview with Celebuzz.

Read on to get the scoop on Klum’s post-baby workout and more.

Celebuzz: What is it like working out with Heidi Klum?
Andrea Orbeck: Because Heidi is so funny and enthusiastic, fun is always a part of the work. She takes the work required very seriously, but doesn’t act serious about it. I guess one would call that attitude.

Celebuzz: What’s a typical workout like?
AO: We use tools — like an awesome playlist — to motivate us. She works out in really beautiful workout gear to inspire her and we create challenges — like hill sprints, for example — to give her incentive.

Celebuzz: What areas does she tend to focus on the most?
AO: Heidi’s body is quite perfect. To gain full symmetry, we did a lot of circuits, which kept the heart rate up, while doing muscle work. Jumping rope, sprinting, doing arm curls with kettlebells, squats and ab work done in between is a fast and killer way to get toned.

Celebuzz: How did you shake up Klum’s fitness routine post-baby to shed the extra pounds?
AO: Because we had to accomplish goals that required less time and context than normal, we added a couple extra days per week. We focused on her core post-baby, and sometimes we would devote an entire session to intense cardio with all ab movements in between. The intensity was way harder than most of the sessions. She was a trooper.


Celebuzz: What has been the biggest challenge or goal for Klum when it comes to health and fitness?
AO: Like all busy women with very full lives and responsibilities, Heidi prioritizes balance to maintain all of her goals. She is a mom, a model and a mogul. Fitting in fitness is an obstacle she overcame with total organization. She is a pro.

Celebuzz: In what other ways does Klum maintain her healthy lifestyle?
AO: Nutrition is a key phrase I ask clients to know: clean, lean, green and protein. Most meals should consist of non-processed foods that are low-saturated in fat with lots of vegetables to accompany them. Choosing muscle sculpting options like chicken, turkey breast, egg whites, fish and beans is a key trick to maintaining a sexy and fit body.

Celebuzz: Tell us about your recent work for Heidi Klum on AOL.
AO: We do segments on all topics related to health and fitness. Our aim is to give viewers practical ways to be fit, make good nutritional choices, all while leading busy lives. My exercise DVD is called Supermodel Series. It’s all of my famous moves that I’ve used over the years to keep my models and celebrities in top sexy shape. It comes with the Hipster — a band invented to go along with the program. It’s a lightweight, take-with-you-anywhere band that tones and tightens the butt and legs. I invented it so that clients could take their fitness on the road with them when I wasn’t able to be there. After realizing that so many people wanted to know the program, I thought it best to create something that they could do at home that’s just as effective as me being right beside them.


Celebuzz: What tips & tricks do you have for getting a bikini-ready body like Klum’s?
AO: Variety and intensity. Don’t be afraid to sprint fast for 30 seconds to a minute, try a kettlebell class or lift some weight that challenges you and creates the metabolic fire to keep you lean. Boring, mindless cardio and super light weights is not the way to go — so last season. One thing that is the most common with all my most successful bodies is consistency. Even if they’re consumed with a [busy] schedule, taking just 15 minutes a day to workout makes a world of a difference.

Celebuzz: What’s up next for you?
AO: I also am releasing Pregnancy Sculpt. It’s the same great techniques, but modified for moms during all three of their trimesters. Fans can look forward to a runway body, even if it’s strutting the aisles of the grocery store!

To learn more about Orbeck, or to order the Supermodel Series, visit her official website, andreaorbeck.com.


Want to work out like Heidi? View Andrea Orbeck’s videos. To learn more about Orbeck, or to order the Supermodel Series, go to andreaorbeck.com.