Kim Kardashian: Flashback Friday Complex Mag Shoot (GALLERY)

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It's sexy, it's space age, it's Kim Kardashian. Kim has just blogged some amazing fashion flashback pictures from her feature with 'Complex' magazine and reveals the shoot's secret Kanye West connection. Here is what the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star said about the photos:

These behind the scenes pics are from my Complex magazine shoot back in 2009. I had my glam squad Mario DedivanovicMonica Rose and Frankie Payne on the set glamming me up for the shoot, and I’ve been working with them ever since!

So crazy looking back at these old pics. This was the issue where I was on one cover and Kanye was on the other! How crazy is that?

Click through the gallery to see all the behind the scenes pics from the shoot! Xo




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  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    celebuzz cute!

  • maryanne

    Seriously, she can't possibly think she looks good. yuk....

  • maryanne

    Her ass is sooooooooo disgusting and HUGE. She totally grosses me out. ewwwwwwwww

  • TK

    ^ judging by your profile photo Stephanie.. think your the one with LUMPS EVERYWHERE!!! lol <3 YOU KIMMIE


    Lordy, she must be having an outbreak to wear those horrible's summer for heaven 's sake! If Kanye us now dressing her, God help them both!

  • Stephanie Brockington
    Stephanie Brockington

    She ok in the face but has a nasty out of shape butt. She really got a bad look the bigger her butt get. sorry but your butt isnt going out its getting wider with lumps everywhere.

  • Stephanie Brockington
    Stephanie Brockington

    Now she looks really nasty as hel. what were she thinking. you can never be Beyonce boo. Never close.

  • nicole

    embarrassing! She looks good from the front, horrible from the back. Sorry kimmie!

  • Jo

    Doesnt this woman ever get tired of putting up pictures of herself?! SERIOUSLY!

  • Łodzianin

    W Łodzi TYLKO WIDZEW RTS!! Władcy miasta Włókniarzy Widzew Lodz

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B

    I want to stick my face in there and never come out