Lady Gaga’s ‘Vogue’ Cover Looks Like A ‘Parody of Herself,’ Says Body Image Expert

Gaga Bares Skin
The pop star's most overexposed moments
Vogue magazine apparently didn’t get the memo that Lady Gaga was “Born This Way.”

Behind-the-scenes clips of the singer’s famous September issue shoot recently hit the web, and her Little Monsters have been none too pleased to see that Gaga’s cover had been drastically altered.

The unearthed video footage showed Gaga with a fuller frame as she posed for the camera, suggesting that the “Edge of Glory” crooner was heavily retouched for the cover.

What kind of message does this send to Gaga’s fans?

“Perhaps people feel that all’s fair in love and fashion, but the Lady Gaga Vogue cover photo speaks much more that a thousand words,” body image expert Dr. Robyn Silverman told Celebuzz. “Young kids may look at that photo and think, ‘If even this outspoken, unique, quirky icon can’t be authentically herself, what does it say about her message and what does it say about me?'”

Silverman, who’s the author of Good Girls Don’t Get Fat: How Weight Obsession is Messing Up Our Girls & How We Can Help Them, said Gaga’s latest cover is the last straw.

“When a superstar like Gaga is known for encouraging every young person to be proud for being ‘born this way,’ embracing extreme Photoshopping can feel incongruent,” added Silverman, who has appeared on the Today Show and Nightline.

“We need our revered celebrities to take a stand and tell the media where they must draw the line,” she continued. “We all know that Photoshopping is typical, but shaving off half a person’s waist, nearly eradicating her knees, shaving down the structure of her face makes Lady Gaga appear as a parody of herself rather than the symbol of authenticity and individuality she has always been known to be.”

What do you think of using extreme retouching? Should it be banned in the fashion industry? Weigh in below.


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